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Our range of Cello strings for sale is made up of over 600+ different strings and sets of strings, from the following manufacturers:

String Advice

We know that choosing strings can be a daunting task. Here at Bass Bags, we are happy to give you the benefit of our years of experience to help you choose the correct strings for you and your cello. We are happy to help either over the telephone or in-person at our workshop.

We are often asked, What are good cello strings? The answer is dependant on the player and what the player wants to achieve in terms of sound. Here is a list of examples of good choices:

String Fitting

Bring your cello to us and we will fit your strings for you while you wait. We offer string fitting as one of our services at our workshop near Derby. We can usually fit your new strings while you wait. However, it is best to contact us first so that we can guarantee we have a luthier with time available to restring your cello while you wait.

We stock all sizes of from 4/4 full-size down to 1/10 size and all of the intermediate sizes in between.

Our strings are available to buy in sets or as single strings. Buying single strings allows you to mix and match strings to make your own custom string sets or combinations.

You can use our handy filter options to narrow down your choice, by size, string/set and tension.

Cello String Information

The strings on a cello are as follows: The highest pitched and thinnest gauge string is the A string. The A string is furthest to the right of the cello when looking at the front of the cello. The next string in from the right is the D string followed by the G string, the C string is the thickest gauge and lowest-pitched string on the cello furthest to the left of the cello when looking at the front of the cello.

There are also High E and Low F cello strings available. Fitting a high E will give your cello an extended higher range with GDAE tuning. A low F string extends the lower range of the cello giving FCGD tuning. Five-string cellos also use either a high E or low F additional string, giving FCGDA or CGDAE tuning.

Cello strings can be considered expensive compared to other instruments this is because of the quantity and value of materials used in them and the type of materials used in their manufacture. The cost of strings varies greatly from around £9.00 for a single Astrea A string to just under £270 for a full set of Versum strings

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