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  • CelloGard Sleeves
  • Model one CelloGard with Purple sleeve
    Cello Stands

    CelloGard Model One

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  • Foldable CelloGard
    Cello Stands

    CelloGard Foldable

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  • Cello Stand
    Cello Stands

    Cello Stand

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  • Cello Stand Adjustable
  • Hercules Cello Stand
  • K&M Cello Stand 14130
    Cello Stands

    K&M Cello Stand

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  • K&M Cello Stand Black 14110
    Cello Stands

    K&M Cello Stand Black

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  • Wooden Cello Stand
    Cello Stands

    Wooden Cello Stand

    : £183.60
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  • Bass Bags Cello Stand
    Cello Stands

    Bass Bags Cello Stand Made of Solid English Oak in the UK

    : £399.00£449.00
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Cello stands are ideal for storing your cello on display safely. They also improve the amount and frequency of practice as they remove the barrier of taking the cello out of its case. The cello is always easily accessible. If you want to increase the amount of cello practise your child is doing, a cello stand is a great idea.

Cello stands have the following benefits:

  • Increase practise frequency
  • Hold the cello safely while not in use
  • Display the cello nicely in your room

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