Double Bass Rosin

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We have a great selection of double bass rosin in stock from your favourite brands including Nyman, Kolstein, Pops, Pirastro and Hidersine.

By keeping our prices as low as possible and by operating our strict stock rotation system, our rosin sells quickly so that it never sits on the shelf for long. When you buy double bass rosin from us you can be assured our rosin is the freshest it can be.

We have various different grades of rosin suitable for different climates and playing styles. We use Nyman’s bass rosin ourselves and it is by far the most popular rosin used in the UK.

If you are unsure which rosin will be best for you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and we’ll be pleased to help you. Alternatively, we have samples, for customers to try, of all the rosin we sell in our Double Bass room.

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