Our Violins Are Amongst the Best Available for Hire in the UK From Only £11.00 a Month

We can deliver to your home, everything you or your child needs to start playing the violin.

If you’re looking for violin hire services then you’re definitely at the right place. Here at Bass Bags, we provide a violin rental service which allows you to find the perfect violin, no matter whether you’re just starting out or more experienced playing the violin. With our violin rental plan, you will receive a full luthier setup, factory strings, a bow and a case.  Depending on what violin rental service you’re looking for will vary in price, and these are all clearly stated below alongside many other features. Violin hire is an option that makes sense in many ways. It could be the first time someone is experiencing playing the violin or someone could be trying different sized violins.

If you’re looking for more information about our violin rental services or the violins we have available, contact our team, who are always happy to help.

How It Works

Contact Us

We will give you an inclusive quote for you Violin hire which will include delivery and collection (unless you collect it from us in person)

We Deliver

We deliver the Violin to you, to use for the duration of the hire. Delivery takes 2 days with our courier. Quicker delivery can be organised at extra cost.

We Collect

When you’ve finished with the Violin just let us know and we’ll arrange for ParcelForce to collect it. Simple.


£11 monthly

Primavera 100 Violin Outfit

Beginner student level

Factory setup

Factory strings

Hardwood bow

Shaped case

Sizes 1/16 to 4/4

Claim up to 3 months hire back on purchase


£14 monthly

Primavera P200 Violin 2013 OF

Beginner to Intermediate student level

Full Luthier setup

Factory strings

Composite bow

Shaped case

Sizes 1/16 to 4/4

RRP: £215

Claim up to 3 months hire back on purchase


£20 monthly

Loreato Violin Outfit

Beginner to Advanced level

Full Luthier setup

Factory strings

Composite bow

Oblong case

Sizes 1/2 to 4/4

RRP: £300

Claim up to 3 months hire back on purchase


Daily rate

Loreato Violin Outfit

Professional level Violin

Full Luthier setup

Upgraded strings

Enquire for a quote

Oblong case

Sizes 3/4 – 4/4

Minimum hire term applicable

What’s Included

All of our Violins for hire include the following as standard:

  • One of our excellent Violins for you to use.
  • A Violin bow, the correct size for the instrument.
  • A hard Violin case.

What Makes Our Violins Better Than Others

We take exceptional care when selecting violins for our hire service, we only pick violins for hire that we know will be a joy for our customers to play and will help speed them along their learning journey. Once selected, our hire violins, no matter what the size, are all set up meticulously by our luthier to our professional high standard. Within the setup, we check, adjust and refit as appropriate, the pegs including the holes they fit into in the peg box, the top nut, the bridge, the fingerboard and the sound post. Last but not least we always fit good strings. If you are looking to rent or hire any other instruments, you can view this here.

Call 01332 840391 now to arrange hire

Why Our Violin Hire Is Great For All

For Adult Beginners

  • As an adult beginner, you will benefit from being able to start on an excellently set up violin without the large outlay needed to buy one of these violins outright.
  • Our violins have been correctly set up by our luthier that makes them easier to play and quicker to learn with.

For Parents with Young Violinists

  • Parents benefit from our hire service as do their budding Violinists.
  • For a fixed price per month, your child will always have the correct size violin to play, without the headache of having to buy and sell violins as they grow.
  • We will swap free of charge the violin that you’re hiring for the next size up as and when your child is ready, meaning they’ll never have to just make do.
  • Your young violinist will progress with much more ease and at a faster pace with a well set up instrument, that’s the correct size for them. We treat all of our violins to an excellent set up no matter what the size.

Optional Extras We Can Supply With Your Hire

We can deliver any accessories you need at the same time with your violin.

Violin RosinViolin Shoulder RestsViolin TunersMusic Stands


We deliver nationwide so we can deliver the violin to your home or work.

Or you can collect the violin from us by appointment in Ripley, Derbyshire at no cost. We are located 20 minutes from either M1 junctions 25 or 28.

If you need the violin today we can and will happily coordinate a same-day delivery to you.

Call 01332 840391 now to arrange your Violin hire

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