Double Basses for Sale

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Every double bass for sale below is in stock, setup and available to try and buy at our Derbyshire location. We also carry stock of un-setup basses for our customers to choose their custom setup.

Double Basses for Sale
Our Double Bass Room

If you’re looking for a high-quality double bass for sale then you’re at the right place. Every double bass we sell benefits from our full workshop setup carried out meticulously by our luthier. We understand double basses and the importance of an excellent setup, the work we do to our basses transforms their playability and sound. We can assure you that a double bass you buy from us will be a pleasure to play. We can also do custom double bass setups. For instance, if you see the bass you like but prefer different strings to the ones we’ve fitted, or a Jazz bass that you’d like as an Orchestral instrument, no problem, we can do this for you.

Looking for a double bass for sale but not sure where to start or what bass to buy? Call us for a chat and we’ll give you the benefit of our experience answering all of your questions and remove any uncertainty associated with starting to play and buying a double bass. We also have a double bass hire service which is popular for beginners.

Importantly every double bass we list on this page is usually in stock in our double bass room at our location and set up by our luthier for customers to come, try and buy.

We have many new and used double basses available to buy, in stock, starting from as little as £600. Please, call us for up to date details.

Most customers visit us to buy a double bass. However, we can deliver, just call us to discuss your requirements.

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