Eastman VB200 5 String Double Bass 7/8 Size


An Eastman VB200 5 string double bass fully setup by our Luthier and fitted with Evah Pirazzi Medium Orchestral strings and an adjustable bridge.

Available on back-order

This Eastman VB200 5 string double bass is 7/8 size and has been fully setup by our luthier, during the setup it has been fitted with an adjustable bridge and Evah Pirazzi medium orchestral strings.

The Eastman VB200 is a violin pattern 5 string double bass that is entirely carved from solid wood with figured Maple used for the back & ribs, and Spruce for the top. The fingerboard and top nut are both ebony. We fit an ebony tailpiece with a steel rope tailwire and an A grade quality bridge.

We have done the following work to this Eastman VB200 5 string double bass in order to put it into the finest playing condition.

  • Reshape top nut
  • Shoot fingerboard
  • Cut and fit grade A quality bridge
  • Fit bridge adjusters to bridge

(We don’t use off the shelf adjustable bridges because of quality. We pick a normal bridge and then make it adjustable with components that we’ve chosen and that work well together)

The Eastman VB200 5 string represents excellent value for money and with our setup, it makes for a great 5 string double bass.

The Eastman VB200 5 string is made by Eastman Strings and finished off by our luthier.





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