Eastman Strings

Eastman StringsRediscovering the Artistry of Traditional String Instruments with Eastman Strings

Eastman Strings is revered for reigniting the magic of traditional craftsmanship in the world of stringed instruments. These instruments are the product of time-honoured methods and devoted artisans, turning back the tide on machine-made monotony. The superior tonal quality and exemplary craftsmanship of Eastman Strings speak volumes of the dedication of the team behind each masterpiece. Our curated selection of Eastman products brings you a unique blend of historical techniques and modern brilliance.

From a Humble Workshop to a Global Presence

Eastman’s journey from a simple workshop on the outskirts of Beijing to becoming a global force in the string instruments industry is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. This commitment, combined with an unwavering focus on superior service, has earned Eastman a reputable name in the industry. As a retailer, we pride ourselves in bringing you the finest stringed instruments from this globally acclaimed brand, each reflecting the heart and soul of master German luthier workshops.

The Eastman Promise: Quality and Heritage

Eastman Music Company is devoted to crafting stringed instruments that are more than just pieces of music equipment. They are a celebration of musical history and tradition, handcrafted with care and passion. Whether it’s your first student instrument or a professional heirloom piece, Eastman promises quality and heritage. Experience the power of authentic, handcrafted music with Eastman’s range of string instruments.

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