Double Bass Bow Quivers

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We sell two different types of double bass bow quivers in two different colours.

We sell the usual and ordinary style of bass bow quiver which is of triangular in design and sits beside the tailpiece.

We also do a slim double bass bow quiver which is favoured by many players for its discrete nature with it fitting neatly and unobtrusively behind the tailpiece. The other main benefit of this quiver is that it keeps the bow still and in one place much better than the triangular topped versions where the bow has more room to move about.

Bass Bags Double Bass Bow Quivers Handmade in England

All of our double bass bow quivers are handmade in England from the finest quality leather. Trade orders welcome by telephone on 01332 840391.

Double Bass Bow Quiver Buyer’s Guide

We’ve been supplying the trade, retail outlets and the public with our handmade double bass bow quiver in its variations for many years now and they have proved very popular with double bassists all over the world so far. Every one of our quivers is handmade in England, from the finest quality leather, by English craftsmen, using traditional methods.

We sell two different types of double bass bow quiver

The triangular topped bow quiver which sits beside the tailpiece as shown on the left below and the slim more discrete bass bow quiver which sits behind the tailpiece as shown on the left. Both quivers are available in black or brown leather.

How to Choose the Right Quiver for Your Bass

It really is down to a matter of preference. In terms of aesthetics, the slim bass bow quiver is more discreet and is partially hidden by the tailpiece, whereas the triangular topped quiver is fully visible beside the tailpiece. During use, there are a few differences the slim bass bow quiver has a smaller opening for landing the bass bow but it holds the bow better meaning less movement from the bow when it’s in the quiver.

The triangular topped double bass bow quiver has a much larger opening giving really easy landing of the bow, but this also allows the bow more freedom to move whilst in the quiver. The slim quiver is smaller in length at 36cm compared to the triangular topped quiver which is 45.5cm so it will fit smaller double basses better for younger bassists.


Slim Quiver
  • Holds the bow better
  • More discrete
  • Fits smaller double basses
  • smaller opening for landing the bow
Traingular Quiver
  • Larger opening for landing the bow
  • Traditional quiver design
  • Bow can move more freely whilst in quiver

Players view of brown leather double bass bow quiver with bow

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