Cello Size Calculator

Remove the Size Guesswork When Choosing a Cello

This cello size calculator is incredibly useful as it provides valuable guidance for parents in deciding whether to purchase a cello or rent a cello for their child. By offering precise measurements and an approximate timeline for growth, it enables parents to make well-informed decisions based on their child’s current and future needs. Consequently, they can invest wisely in a cello that will be suitable for their child’s current stage of development while also considering the potential necessity for a larger instrument in the future. This practical tool ultimately saves parents time, effort, and resources by helping them make the most suitable choice for their child’s musical journey.

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Cello Size Calculator

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How to Measure Your Child’s Height for the Cello Calculator

Use Your iPhone

Use the measure app on your iPhone. Open the app, get your child standing up straight and put them in the frame. The measure app will give you their height automatically. Just watch the video below to see how easy it is.

YouTube video

Use a Tape Measure

Have your subject stand against a wall or a door and mark where the top of their head is whilst they stand up straight. Then measure the distance from the floor to the mark, like in the video below.

How to measure your child’s height with a measuring tape.
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