Primavera 200 Cello Outfit Configurator

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Configure and buy your perfect Primavera 200 Cello outfit. We will build your bespoke outfit, to order, in our workshop especially for you.

  • 60% Discount on Luthier Setup
  • 10% Discount on Bow and Case upgrades

The Primavera 200 Cello is made by Eastman strings and is an outstanding instrument in its class. Not only beautifully crafted but also offering a powerful tone & projection. We recommend our Luthier setup for the best playability and sound.

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The Primavera 200 cello outfit is made by Eastman strings and is fantastic value for money. As a student cello, they have great longevity with some customers using them until ABRSM grade 6.

The Primavera 200 cello in our demonstration video has benefited from our full luthier setup and is fitted with Jargar strings. The video consists of three pieces played on the cello. In the second piece, we detail the setup work that we’ve carried out along with closeups of the corresponding part of the cello. The video has been recorded at our premises and represents the cello’s natural sound as faithfully as possible for the best audio definition, use headphones.

The Primavera 200 Cello Outfit, made by Eastman Strings as the VC100 cello, is an outstanding instrument in its class. Not only beautifully crafted but also offering a powerful tone & projection. With our luthier setup, the Primavera 200 cello is transformed and makes for the best possible start to learning the cello for adults and children alike. This instrument is well suited for players up to grade six and beyond and is the most popular of our cellos.

Primavera 200 Cello Upgrades

We offer numerous upgrade options that you can configure for your Primavera 200 cello, these include:

  • Full luthier setup (as demonstrated in the video) You can buy with the confidence that your new cello will be set up to the highest standard in our workshop by our experienced luthiers. You can read more on our Cello Setup Explained page where we detail every step of your cello’s set up. We discount our luthier setup on new instruments by 60% and absorb some of the workshop work involved in our retailer’s margin.
  • Geared Pegs, to make tuning ultra-easy and less frequent.
  • Strings upgrade, We recommend either Prelude, Jargar Classic or Larsen Original as good upgrade options.
  • Bow upgrade, we provide a 10% discount on bow upgrades
  • Case upgrade, we provide a 10% discount on case upgrades

Why we offer discounts on upgrades: this is a bit of a hangover from the not so distant ‘old days’. When a customer visits our showroom, they may not want the standard package of the outfit as sold by the manufacturer. Quite often, a customer would select a different bow and decide a different case suited their needs better, creating their bespoke outfit. We would always work out a bundle price by applying a discount, and now we are pleased to offer the same service online.

Special Handling Delivery

We know you’ll be nervous about your new cello arriving with a parcel company and the potential for damage, we are too! This is why we only deliver cellos using our van and staff, ensuring your new cello arrives with you in perfect condition. Our van is tracked so that you can view your live ETA and our van’s location on the day of delivery. Full details are available here: Special Handling Delivery Service We have to charge for this service as it is costly for us to operate, the delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your postcode. Alternatively, you can choose to collect from our workshop free of charge.

Further Details of Cello Outfit Setup Options and Upgrades

You can build your very own bespoke cello outfit using the configurator above, just start by choosing the size of cello that you need and you’ll be walked through the various steps to configure your cello. We have outlined the various configuration steps below.

Cello Setup: We offer two different levels of setup;

  • Factory setup: We give the cello a visual inspection, stand the bridge, and tension the factory strings. This is the type of setup that you would typically get from a high street general music shop.
  • Our Luthier setup: This is a comprehensive setup carried out by our Luthier in the workshop. The cello will go through a thorough from the ground-up setup including all the necessary adjustments needed to transform the Primavera 200 cello into a much more playable instrument. As part of our Luthier setup, we refit the pegs, reshape the top nut, shoot the fingerboard, re-cut, and re-fit the bridge and re-fit the soundpost positioning it to get the very best sound from the cello.

We discount our Luthier set up by 60% on new instruments. We can do this because all setup work is carried out ‘in house’ and we absorb some of the set up cost in our retailer’s margin.

Although shop setup is better than most internet retailers offer, we would always recommend having a proper workshop setup carried out on a cello as the resulting difference in playability is huge. Whoever is playing the cello will make progress more quickly giving them a significant head start.

Strings: You can choose your perfect strings: the factory multifilament strings are a no-cost option or you can upgrade to better quality strings. We find that the Jargar medium strings work very well with the Primavera 200 cello and that Prelude strings are a great upgrade from the factory strings.

Pegs: The factory ebony pegs are standard cello pegs and are a no-cost option or you can upgrade to Wittner finetune geared pegs. The advantage of the geared pegs is the instrument is much easier to tune without the need to use string adjusters and the cello will stay in tune for longer without adjustment. The cello will be delivered with your choice of pegs fitted.

Bow: We offer a 10% discount on bow upgrades. Choose your bow from a choice of the standard Primavera composite bow as a no-cost option or one of our great upgrade choices. Carbon fibre bows are very strong and a good choice for livelier students. Pernambuco bows are much finer in quality and a fantastic upgrade.

Cello Case: We offer a 10% discount on cello case upgrades. Choose your cello case from the Primavera cello bag that is a no-cost option or upgrade to a hard cello case. A hard cello case will protect the cello better especially if the cello is travelling.


  • Level: Student/Intermediate
  • Sizes: 4/4 to 1/8 Including 7/8th
  • Bag: Upgradable – 11mm Primavera padded cover as standard
  • Bow: Upgradable – Black composite Primavera CB010 as standard
  • Body: Hand carved maple & spruce. Inlaid purfling
  • Bridge: Fitted maple Despiau or Pampi
  • Fingerboard: Full ebony
  • Pegs: Upgradable – Ebony Swiss model as standard
  • Strings: Upgradable – Standard steel factory strings
  • Tailpiece: Metal alloy with adjusters
  • Topnut: Ebony
  • Measurements: 4/4 755mm, 7/8 720mm 3/4 691mm, 1/2 653mm, 1/4 584mm, 1/8 530mm,

Listen to the Primavera 200 Cello

The following audio tracks have been performed and recorded at our premises using a Primavera 200 cello with our full luthier set up and fitted with Jargar strings.

Manufacturer’s Description:

Here is what Eastman Strings write about the Primavera 200 (VC100 in the USA) cello:

Samuel Eastman VC100: Samuel Eastman model 100 instruments have become a staple of string programs everywhere. Outstanding features include aged solid tonewoods, genuine hand-inlaid purfling, genuine ebony fittings, and a glowing amber-brown varnish that is durable as well as attractive. These carved instruments, with laminated sides, provide quality of sound and craftsmanship to beginning and advancing players. Hand-carved from solid tonewoods.

Distributor’s Description

Here is what the SoundPost (UK Distributor) say about the Primavera 200 cello:

Particularly popular for education hire with durability built-in by design: Featuring ebony fittings throughout, a ‘student proof’ composite bow and rugged case design with securely stitched handle & safety detailing. Voted by music shops as the MIA Best Bowed Instrument 2013 & 2014.

Case: NEW DESIGN. Two zipped pockets one in red with quarter moon fluorescent mesh, one full length. Embroidered Primavera™. Two bow holders and rucksack straps.

The Primavera Range has been developed in consultation with music professionals to provide a purpose-designed range of instruments for music education. Setting a school standard for student instruments.



Tuning Pegs Type

Ebony Pegs, Wittner Finetune Geared Pegs

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