Primavera 200 Cello Outfit

///Primavera 200 Cello Outfit

Primavera 200 Cello Outfit


Available in sizes: 4/4 to 1/8 incl. 7/8

Level: Student / Intermediate

Eastman logoFrom Eastman Strings, the Primavera 200 Cello Outfit is the outstanding instrument in its class. Not only beautifully crafted but also offering a powerful tone & projection.


The Primavera 200 Cello Outfit, made by Eastman Strings, is the outstanding instrument in its class. Not only beautifully crafted but also offering a powerful tone & projection. With our luthier setup, the Primavera 200 cello is transformed and makes for the best possible start to learning the cello for adults and children alike. This instrument is well suited for players up to grade six and beyond and is the most popular of our rental cellos.

Primavera 200 Cello Setup Options

We offer two different levels of setup;

Shop setup: We give the cello a visual inspection, stand the bridge and tension the factory strings. This is the type of setup that you would typically get from a high street general music shop.

Luthier setup: This is a comprehensive setup carried out by our Luthier in the workshop. The cello will go through a thorough from the ground-up setup including all the necessary adjustments needed to transform the Primavera 200 cello into a much more playable instrument. As part of our Luthier setup, we refit the pegs, reshape the top nut, shoot the fingerboard, re-cut and re-fit the bridge and re-fit the soundpost positioning it to get the very best sound from the cello.

Although shop setup is better than most internet retailers offer, we would always recommend having a proper workshop setup carried out on a cello as the resulting difference in playability is huge. Whoever is playing the cello will make progress more quickly giving them a significant head start.

Strings: We can supply the Primavera 200 cello fitted with any strings of your choice.


Primavera 200 Cello Specifications:

  • Level: Student/Intermediate
  • Sizes: 4/4 to 1/8 Including 7/8th
  • Bag: 11mm Primavera padded cover with pockets, backpack fittings & reflective safety styling
  • Bow: Black composite Primavera CB010
  • Body: Hand carved maple & spruce. Inlaid purfling
  • Bridge: Fitted maple Despiau or Pampi
  • Fingerboard: Full ebony
  • Pegs: Ebony Swiss model
  • Strings: Standard steel
  • Tailpiece: Metal alloy with adjusters
  • Tailpiece: Metal alloy with adjusters
  • Topnut: Ebony
  • Measurements: 4/4 755mm, 7/8 720mm 3/4 691mm, 1/2 653mm, 1/4 584mm, 1/8 530mm,

Table of Options

Stock CodeSize Setup Strings Price Quantity Add To Basket
CF0264/4LJAR4/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Jargar Classic Medium Strings£898.99
CF0264/4LPLD4/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Prelude Strings£859.00
CF0264/4L4/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Standard Factory Strings£799.00
CF0264/44/4Shop SetupStandard Factory Strings£639.20
CF0267/8LJAR7/8Luthier Setup (Recommended)Jargar Classic Medium Strings£898.99
CF0267/8LPLD7/8Luthier Setup (Recommended)Prelude Strings£859.00
CF0267/8L7/8Luthier Setup (Recommended)Standard Factory Strings£799.00
CF0267/87/8Shop SetupStandard Factory Strings£639.20
CF0263/4LYT3/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Jargar Young Talent Strings£889.00
CF0263/4LPLD3/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Prelude Strings£859.00
CF0263/4L3/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Standard Factory Strings£799.00
CF0263/43/4Shop SetupStandard Factory Strings£639.20
CF0261/2LYT1/2Luthier Setup (Recommended)Jargar Young Talent Strings£889.00
CF0261/2LPLD1/2Luthier Setup (Recommended)Prelude Strings£859.00
CF0261/2L1/2Luthier Setup (Recommended)Standard Factory Strings£799.00
CF0261/21/2Shop SetupStandard Factory Strings£639.20
CF0261/4LYT1/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Jargar Young Talent Strings£889.00
CF0261/4LPLD1/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Prelude Strings£859.00
CF0261/4L1/4Luthier Setup (Recommended)Standard Factory Strings£799.00
CF0261/41/4Shop SetupStandard Factory Strings£639.20
CF0261/8LPLD1/8Luthier Setup (Recommended)Prelude Strings£859.00
CF0261/8L1/8Luthier Setup (Recommended)Standard Factory Strings£799.00
CF0261/81/8Shop SetupStandard Factory Strings£639.20

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4/4, 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8


Standard Factory Strings, Prelude Strings, Jargar Classic Medium Strings, Jargar Young Talent Strings

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