Cello Endpin Stops FAQ and Comparison

We get asked many questions by customers regarding different cello endpin stops and whether or not they will need to use one. We have put some of issues and answers below to help you decide which endpin stop to buy. To some players, the answers may seem very obvious. However, to those who are just starting out with the cello or have children who are beginning the cello, these are the answers to the questions you want to ask about endpin stops.

What is a Cello Endpin Stop?

A cello endpin stop, spike rest or endpin anchor is a device that stops the cello’s endpin from touching the floor and prevents the cello from sliding away from the cello player. Some people call them cello spike rests or endpin anchors. However, we commonly refer to them as endpin stops although the three different names all refer to the same device.

Will I Need to Use an Endpin Stop?

Most cellists use an endpin stop of some description. The only floor surface without an endpin stop that will help prevent a cello’s spike from slipping away is a carpet or rug that you don’t mind sticking the cello’s spike into. If you use a rug, the chair you sit on must also be on the same rug. Otherwise, the rug will just slide with the cello spike.

The Advantages of Using Cello Endpin Stops

  • Stop the cello from slipping away from the player
  • Protect the floor from the cello’s spike
  • Some endpin stops like the Artino enhance the cello’s sound

Types of Endpin Stop

There are fundamentally three different types of cello endpin stops.

  1. The first type is the non-slip endpin stop. This type has a non-slip surface on the underside of the product which stops it moving on the floor. These work well with smooth floors like wooden or tiled floors. Ideal for school and the concert hall but they’re not great on a carpet at home.
  2. The second is the type that attaches to the chair leg(s). These work well on any surface and are very reliable.
  3. The third type uses a combination of the two previous types. This combination of two methods gives you a ‘belt and braces’ solution by using the best of both designs.

Endpin Stops, Spike Rests and Anchors Categorised by Type

Below, we have categorised the different endpin stops, spike rests and endpin anchors by design type to help you choose which one to buy.

List of Combined Non-Slip and Attached Endpin Stops

List of Non-Slip Endpin Stops

List of Attached to Chair Endpin Stops

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