Musical Instrument Cases and Gig Bags

Here at Bass Bags, we Here at Bass Bags, we know how hard it can be to transport your instruments without the fear of damaging them in the process. However, we pride ourselves on our high-quality instrument cases to avoid anything happening to your prized possessions, easing the transportation process. Shop the full range of instrument cases here at Bass Bags, from string instruments to brass instruments, we’ve got the perfect gig bag to keep your musical instrument safe.

What makes Bass Bags Cases & Gig Bags so Great

High quality cases and gig bags since the 1980’s

Made in the UK

Our Bass Bags cases and gig bags are handmade here in the UK to the highest standard of British workmanship.


Our Bass Bags cases are made from the highest quality materials to make them last for years.


Over the Years, our Bass Bags gig bags have been designed and improved in consultation with leading professional players.

Cases and Gig Bags for String Instruments

In addition to our Bass Bags cases, we have included cases from other carefully selected manufacturers within this category.


Bass Bags Cases and Gig Bags for Wind Instruments


Bass Bags Cases and Gig Bags for Brass Instruments


Bass Bags Cases and Gig Bags for Early Music Instruments


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