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Discover a perfectly balanced, lightweight and long-lasting tuba gig bag with backpack straps and rigid bell protection here at Bass Bags. We have four different sizes to ensure that you find a tuba case that is a perfect fit.

Our tuba bags are handmade in the UK and are built to last. Using our innovative gig bag construction techniques, the best and most durable materials, our tuba case will outlast most others. The handles have been placed carefully at the optimum balance point to make the tuba much easier to carry. Our tuba cases have a removable rigid bell protector to protect the bell of the tuba. Explore our range and receive fast, free delivery on your online orders.


Our tuba backpack outer layer is made from a very strong yet lightweight 600 denier coated material and all of the outer seams are bound for strength and durability. The zip is of the highest quality and durability, we have used the same zips reliably without problems for many years. The interior is a plush crushed velour which is very soft to the touch. Sandwiched between the inner and outer layers is a lightweight foam padding which is bonded to the inner so that the padding never moves and remains the same uniform thickness throughout the whole case. The case has a rigid bell protector which can be removed easily to save yet more weight. Our cases have backpack straps as standard which are padded for comfort. The backpack straps are detachable and attach to the case using strong metal fixings. The case handles are made from a continuous length of webbing which is sewn in all around the case effectively cradling the tuba with the webbing taking all of the weight and not the case. This greatly prolongs the life of our tuba cases and the handles stay attached to the case, unlike some others that can pull out easily. There is a side pocket on the outside of the case for accessories.

Tuba Gig Bag Size Guide

  • Small Eb tuba gig bag to fit tubas with a bell size of 34-38 cm (13.5-15 inches) and an instrument length of 76-84 cm (30-33 inches)
  • Small Bb tuba gig bag to fit tubas with a bell size of 34-38 cm (13.5-15 inches) and an instrument length of 86-91 cm (34-36 inches)
  • Large Eb tuba gig bag to fit tubas with a bell size of 46-48 cm (18-19 inches) and an instrument length of 86-96 cm (34-38 inches)
  • Large Bb tuba gig bag to fit tubas with a bell size of 46-48 cm (18-19inches) and an instrument length of 91-99 cm (36-39 inches)
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