Our range of double bass mutes includes ones that are designed to be left on the double bass and moved into position when needed. We also stock mutes that are designed to be removed when they’re not needed on the bass, such as practice mutes.

How Double Bass Mutes Work

Double bass mutes work by reducing the resonance of the bridge and thus lessen the volume of the bass. Double Bass practice mutes are much bigger and as a result, dampen the sound much more than a performance mute.

Which Type of Bass Mute?

Practice mutes are, as their name suggests, for practicing the double bass. This sort of mute will considerably reduce the bass’ volume so that you can practice without disturbing others. These are great if your neighbor works nights or you love to play the bass at 1 am.

Performance mutes are for use when indicated “con sordino” (with mute) in the music you’re playing. They are designed to give your double bass’s sound a different timbre.

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