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  • Bass Bags Clarinet Case
  • Navy Clarinet Case Outside Angle
  • Red Clarinet Case Outside
  • Bass Bags Green Clarinet Case Angled
  • Bass Bags Compact and Lightweight Blue Clarinet Case
  • Flute and Clarinet Double Case
  • Bass Bags Sopranino Sax Case Inside
  • Bass Bags Bass Clarinet Backpack
  • Bass Bags Quad Clarinet Case for Bass A Bb and Eb Clarinets Open
  • Alto Sax Flute and Clarinet Case Inside Open Out of stock

Looking for a lightweight clarinet gig bag? You’re in the right place. Our Bass Bags Clarinet gig bags and multi clarinet gig bags are made in the UK to be ultra-lightweight and compact. Designed and optimised for travelling clarinettists.

We make our cases to last, most customers report cases lasting for more than 15 – 20 years. We achieve this longevity by using only the highest quality materials and keeping our manufacturing completely within the UK. These clarinet gig bags are not a throwaway case.

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