Bass Bags Alto Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Case

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Bass Bags Alto Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Case


This case simultaneously carries an alto sax, a flute and a clarinet.


This triple instrument case is designed for Alto Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet.
This alto saxophone, flute and clarinet triple case can be carried conventionally like most pieces of luggage, by the handles on the side of the case or in the same orientation using the included shoulder strap that we supply with the case. The triple case also includes four backpack strap anchorage points and two detachable backpack straps on the underside of the case.
Instrument stowage:
With the triple case open and the internal top flap lifted open you can see the areas in the internal flap for stowing the flute. Still with the internal flap lifted and looking into the bottom of the case you can see the space at the back for the alto saxophone. In front of the saxophone nearest the carry handles are the spaces for the clarinet.
The outer of the case is made from a high quality hard wearing plastic backed water resistant material. The interior of the case is made from foam backed crushed velour which moulds to the shape of the instruments over time giving it a memory function. Sandwiched between the interior and exterior layers are rigid plastic inserts for added protection. All the zips we use are top quality and extremely hard wearing.
All of the straps (3 of) supplied are made from top quality components. They all include strong easy to use clips at either end of the strap and comfortable shoulder pads. The strap its self is made from high quality webbing.
Length 60cmWidth 33cmHeight 17cm
Case Weight: 3.48 kg