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Violin Chin Rests

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  • Violin Chin Rest Key
    Viola Chin Rests

    Violin Chin Rest Key

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  • Violin chinrest plastic Dresden model
  • GelRest Cover Guarneri / Strad Chin Rest Cushion
  • GelRest Teka Ebony
  • Nickel chin rest screws
  • Wittner Chin Rest Violin Anti Allergy Teka
    Violin Chin Rests

    Wittner Violin Chin Rest Anti Allergy Teka

    : £29.34
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  • Wittner Violin Chin Rest Centre Fit Anti Allergy
  • Flesch Model Violin Chin Rest Flat
  • Wittner Augsburg Violin Chin Rest Adjustable
    Violin Chin Rests

    Wittner Augsburg Violin Chin Rest Adjustable

    : £35.28
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  • Wittner Zuerich Violin Chin Rest Adjustable
  • Wolf Guarneri Violin Chin Rest
    Viola Chin Rests

    Wolf Guarneri Chin Rest

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  • Wolf classic violin chin rest
  • Wolf Special Violin Chin Rest
  • Wolf Maestro Violin Chin Rest
  • Wolf Maestrino Violin Chin Rest

A violin chin rest is a necessary accessory for violins because, when used, they enable the Violinist to position the violin properly when playing. A violin chin rest is shaped for a comfortable and easier fit for the violinist giving stability and comfort.

A violin chin rest is adjustable to fit your violin, this is because all violin dimensions differ slightly. There are different models for different size violins with some spanning two sizes for example a 4/4 – 3/4 size chin rest will fit both full size and 3/4 size instruments.

Fitting a violin chin rest is very easy in most cases and they are quick to install with minimal fuss. We also offer a fitting service at our Derby workshop.

Chin rests vary in price depending on the type and the materials they are made of. We sell a large range that includes the cheapest chin rest to the most expensive. Check out our wide range of violin products and find everything you need to improve your playing experience.

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