GelRest Cover Teka Violin Chin Rest Cushion


  • Non-absorbent gel material
  • Adjusts to shape of the chin
  • Can be easily cleaned
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The GelRest is an innovative gel chin rest cushion that adjusts to the shape of your chin for a secure fit. Made from non-absorptive material so dirt, make-up and sweat can be easily wiped off. With their new “cling” adhesive system, GelRests can be peeled on or off as often as needed. Instructions included Size: 106mm long x 61mm wide “The GelRest has been the most helpful and reliable of any of the strategies I have tried to decrease the pain and irritation under my jaw. It seems to have just the right thickness, density, and freedom of placement to provide really great relief from the discomfort I’ve experienced most of my playing career.” – Jonathan Vinocour, Principal Viola – San Francisco Symphony Orchestra





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