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We’ve been selling and fitting to customers instruments, Realist pickups, for many years now. This has given us a vast amount of hands-on experience with the Realist range of products. Using them ourselves as well as on some of our instruments for hire. In particular, The Realist is our go to pickup of choice when hire customers request a pickup on the instrument they are hiring. We really like the Realist products by David Gage, especially the Realist double bass pickup (Copperhead version). Not to mention, the Copperhead is our best selling pickup for double bass.

Realist pickups for string instruments were designed in a collaboration between David Gage and Ned Steinberger.

Being the UK’s largest stockist of Realist pickups carrying every product for double bass, cello, viola and violin in stock and all available for free delivery on our economy delivery service or before 1pm the next day with our next day shipping option if ordered before 3pm. For urgent orders after 3pm please call us on 01332 840391.

You can also read our helpful buyer’s guide to help you choose the correct double bass pickup for your bass.


The installation of all the Realist products is fairly straightforward, in addition, fitting instructions are included with every pickup. Furthermore, we’ve made them available to download (see below) so that you can see what’s involved with fitting before you buy. By the same token, and as with all the products that we sell, we are not just a box shifter. We are very happy to share our knowledge and give you as much help and advice with installation as you need over the phone or in person if you’d like to visit us.

If you’d rather not install the pickup yourself, we offer a fitting service to customers. Just bring your instrument to us and we’ll do the work for you.

Realist Fitting and Installation Instructions

Realist Violin Pickup Installation Instructions

Realist Viola Pickup Installation Instructions

Realist Cello Pickup Installation Instructions

Realist Bass Pickup Installation Instructions

You can purchase any of The Realist range of products by using the links below:

Realist Pickups for Bass

  • Double Bass Pickup Jack Mount
    Double Bass Pickups

    Bass Bags Double Bass Pickup Jack Mount Kit

    : £10.00
    Add to basket
  • Realist Copperhead Double Bass Pickup
  • Realist SoundClip Bass Double Bass Pickup
    Double Bass Pickups

    Realist SoundClip Bass by David Gage

    : £465.00
    Add to basket
  • Realist Lifeline Double Bass Pickup for Adjustable Bridge Mounting
  • Realist Woodtone double bass transducer pickup in wood
  • Realist Docking Station

Realist Pickups for Cello

  • Realist Cello SoundClip Angle View
    Realist Cello Pickups from David Gage

    Realist Removable Cello SoundClip

    £478.00 Add to basket
  • Realist Copperhead Cello Pickup
    Realist Cello Pickups from David Gage

    Realist Copperhead Cello Pickup

    : £229.99
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Realist Pickups for Violin

  • Realist Violin Pickups
    Realist Violin Pickups

    Realist Violin Pickup 1/4″ Jack

    £235.99 Add to basket

Realist Pickups for Viola

  • Realist Viola Pickup
    Realist Viola Pickups

    Realist Viola Pickup 1/4″ Jack

    : £229.99
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