Realist Copperhead Bass Pickup + Free Jack Mount Kit


  • Free Bass Bags Jack Mount Kit (Normally £6.98) – To make fitting quicker and easier
  • Natural sound for both Pizz and Arco playing
  • Reproduces the Bass’s natural acoustic sound faithfully

The Realist double bass pickup or, as it’s also known, the Realist copperhead acoustic transducer is our double bass pickup of choice.

The Realist Copperhead Double Bass Pickup

We include our Bass Bags Pickup Jack Socket Mount Kit with all Realist Copperhead bass pickup orders completely free of charge (normally £6.98). The mount kit greatly reduces the fitting time and takes away the need for removing and refitting the G string. By using the jack mount kit we’ve reduced our fitting time for the Copperhead to less than 5 minutes.

The David Gage Realist Copperhead double bass pickup is our most popular and best-selling Realist double bass pickup. In fact, it’s our best-selling bass pickup bar none. We’ve been selling and fitting this double bass pickup for many years, if not decades. It continues to be the favoured pickup of so many double bassists the world over.

We have the UK’s largest stock of Realist bass pickups for sale, on our premises, so you can rest assured your order will arrive quickly and reliably.

Our founder and double bass player Tony Morgan favoured this pickup for the two following main reasons: 1. It’s acoustic performance, giving a natural sound with both pizzicato and arco playing. 2. The discreet and unobtrusive nature of the pickup’s installation onto the double bass.

The Realist pickup is simple to install and produces great results without the need of a preamp although some players still choose to use one. In use, the Realist pickup performs brilliantly plugged directly into an amp or a PA system and resists feedback excellently. We keep all of the Realist double bass products in stock and normally have a Realist Copperhead pickup fitted to a double bass for customers to try before they buy, just contact us to arrange a visit.

Not sure if the Realist Bass Copperhead is for you? Take a look at our Realist pickup guide or call us on 01332 840391 for advice, we’ve worked with and supplied Realist bass pickups for years and are always happy to help.

Realist Bass Pickup Installation Service

Although the pickup comes with comprehensive installation instructions which are easy to follow. If you’d rather not install the pickup yourself, just bring your double bass to us, and we’ll be happy to install the pickup for you.

Realist Copperhead Bass Fitting Instructions

To give you a better idea of what’s involved in fitting the Copperhead, you can view and print the installation guide online, here: realist-bass-pickup-installation-instructions

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