Realist Acoustic

Realist AcousticDiscover Unmatched Tonal Purity with Realist Acoustic

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of Realist Acoustic. Defying traditional limitations, Realist products deliver unrivalled transparency, tonal fidelity and instrument safety with utmost ease of installation. Our ingenious piezo ceramics, encased in a thin copper element, draw every resonating nuance from your instrument, delivering a strikingly authentic sound that mirrors the heart and soul of your performance.

Revolutionary Simplicity for Exceptional Sound Amplification

Break free from the constraints of complicated setups with the Realist Acoustic’s elegantly simple design. The copper element is wired directly to a gold-plated output jack, providing virtually lossless conduction of the piezo’s signal. Achieve stunning acoustic amplification without the need for a pre-amp, and allow your musical voice to be heard more accurately, amplifying the unique timbre and character of your instrument effortlessly.

Unleash your Artistry with Unrivalled Ease

With Realist Acoustic, you can concentrate on what truly matters – your performance. Play your instrument as you naturally would, without the distractions of constant adjustments. From the bow of a violin to the pluck of a guitar string, Realist’s tone and response have left recording engineers and professional musicians astounded. Step into a world where your talent is only limited by your imagination, not your equipment.

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  • Realist Docking Station
  • Realist Copperhead Cello Pickup
    Realist Cello Pickups from David Gage

    Realist Copperhead Cello Pickup

    : £229.99
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  • Realist Viola Pickup
    Realist Viola Pickups

    Realist Viola Pickup 1/4″ Jack

    : £229.99
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  • Realist Copperhead Double Bass Pickup
  • Realist Woodtone double bass transducer pickup in wood
  • Realist Violin Pickups
    Realist Violin Pickups

    Realist Violin Pickup 1/4″ Jack

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  • Realist Lifeline Double Bass Pickup for Adjustable Bridge Mounting
  • Realist SoundClip Bass Double Bass Pickup
    Double Bass Pickups

    Realist SoundClip Bass by David Gage

    : £465.00
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  • Realist Cello SoundClip Angle View
    Realist Cello Pickups from David Gage

    Realist Removable Cello SoundClip

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