Shadow SH951 Double Bass Pickup


The Shadow SH951 bass pickup is a single bridge wing mounted double bass pickup with two opposing sensors which produce a purely acoustic and naturally warm sound.

Available on back-order

The Shadow SH951 double bass pickup has become a favorite not only for rockabilly bassists, but for Bassists from around the world, who have been using these bass pickups for decades.

The pickup has two opposing sensors within the pickup cartridge and is mounted between the wing and bridge foot. Thereby both the sound of the strings, as well as the instrument’s body is received and there is a purely acoustic and naturally warm sound.

Also available as a double bridge pickup ( SH 950 ) with four sensors housed in two cartridges for either side of the bridge.

Shadow SH951 Features

  • Single bass pickup with 2 opposing sensors for mounting in the bridge wing
  • Picks up sound of the strings and the body
  • Pickup Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 5mm
  • With 6,3 mm (1/4 inch) jack socket



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