Shadow Stompin Bass Stomp box


Shadow Stompin’ Bass Stomp Box. Made of Rosewood with a non-slip surface, this stomp box is rugged and compact. Upgrade your natural rhythm

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The Shadow Stompin Bass stomp box is perfect for all solo musicians who want to upgrade their performance by adding a rhythmic backing.

Made of rosewood, the stomp box housing is both rugged and durable. It uses a high-quality Shadow NanoMAG pickup in conjunction with it’s unique and compact design.

The sloping stomp surface of this stomp box allows for a very easy and convenient operation with heel or toe. To keep the stomp box in place, the bottom is covered with non-slip material.

The attached extension of hard rubber surface increases the comfort of use and prevents against leg fatigue during long performances. The extension is attached with Velcro and therefore can be removed at any time.

Due to a NanoMAG pickup in humbucker and active electronics inside, the Stompin’Bass supplies, unlike other similar products, a deep, warm bass sound with a high output power.

The fully shielded housing ensures a hum-free sound with a low impedance signal even at high volumes on big stages.

To play the Stompin’Bass on stage, connect it via an instrument cable (6.3mm / 1/4″ standard jack) to a suitable amplifier or mixer.

Both the amplifier system used and its EQ setting, as well as the material of your shoe and the strength with which you operate the Stompin’Bass, affect the sound.

The system turns on automatically as soon as a suitable cable is plugged into the socket. To conserve battery life, we recommend after the performance, to disconnect the cable.

To change the battery, open the battery compartment on the back of Stompin’Bass and install a new 9V battery. Pay attention to the right polarity.

Made by Shadow Electronics

Stomp Box Technical Information

  • high-quality pocket (Gig Bag) Included
  • 9 V battery Included
  • Dimensions Stompin’Bass: 14 cm x 13.5 cm
  • Dimensions Extension: 14 cm x 13.5 cm




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