Jargar Violin Strings

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  • Jargar Classic Violin Strings
    Jargar Violin Strings

    Jargar Classic Violin Strings

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  • Jargar Evoke Violin string set
    Jargar Violin Strings

    Jargar Evoke Violin strings

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  • Jargar Superior Violin Strings
    Jargar Violin Strings

    Jargar Superior Violin Strings

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  • Jargar Silver Sound Violin G Strings
    Jargar Violin Strings

    Jargar Silver Sound Violin G Strings

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Unleash Your Violin’s Full Potential

Discover the exceptional quality of Jargar violin strings, designed to bring out the best in your instrument. Experience unparalleled tonal clarity, richness, and projection, elevating your performance to new heights. These strings are crafted with precision, providing a perfect blend of power and responsiveness that suits all playing styles.

Long-lasting Performance and Playability

Jargar violin strings are known for their exceptional durability and resilience. Manufactured using advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, these strings deliver consistent performance over time. Say goodbye to frequent string replacements and enjoy extended playability that withstands even the most demanding playing conditions.

A Choice for Professionals and Enthusiasts

From solo performers to orchestral players, Jargar violin strings cater to musicians of all levels. Choose from a range of tensions and materials, ensuring the perfect match for your instrument and playing style. The versatility of Jargar strings make them the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The Jargar Violin Strings Range

There are four versions of Jargar Violin strings; Evoke, Classic, Silver Sound and Superior. All of which are designed for 4/4 Violins and are available in three different tensions; low, medium and high. And now the new Evoke.

Evoke is the newest addition to the range of Jargar strings, introducing an easily playable, high-end string with an affordable price tag to rival their Superior strings.

Classic is the most popular, Their flexible steel core results in a voluminous, well-balanced tone and easy playability. The artist will discover the right features in this versatile string line to produce a distinguished sound for every kind of music.

Silver Sound is only made for G strings and is available with an upper winding of pure silver, which makes the sound more like gut strings. The G Silver Sound for violin is often combined with the normal Classic E, A and D strings as a set to create a warmer and more round sound.

Superior. The new Superior synthetic core strings for violin usher in a new era at Jargar. Now, Jargar can offer a top-notch choice for professional musicians playing everything from Solo to Orchestra to Chamber Music. For those players who demand the very highest standards in sound quality, performance and reliability. The warmth and colour is a truly extraordinary blend resulting in a fantastic natural violin sound. Every audience can enjoy a full projective sound with the combination of unique core technology and carefully selected winding.

We stock and sell the complete range of Jargar violin strings which are made in Denmark.

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