Jargar Silver Sound Violin G Strings

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  • Pure silver winding for gut-like tonal quality
  • Enhances warmth and rounded tones
  • Available in Low, Medium, and High tensions
  • Ideal for 4/4 violins
  • Complements Classic E, A, and D strings
  • Personalise your playing experience
  • Perfect for professionals and amateurs
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Unparalleled Jargar Silver Sound Performance

Discover the exceptional Jargar Silver Sound Violin G Strings, known for their unparalleled tonal quality and seamless blend with traditional gut strings. These G Strings, crafted with an upper winding of pure silver, enhance your violin’s sound by delivering warmth and rounded tones, perfect for professional musicians and passionate amateurs alike.

Optimised Tension for Personalised Play

Jargar Silver Sound Violin G Strings cater to every violinist’s unique preferences with three distinct tension options: Low, Medium, and High. Tailor your experience by choosing the tension that best suits your playing style and desired sound, ensuring an unforgettable performance every time.

Perfectly Complements Classic E, A, and D Strings

Achieve an exquisite balance of rich tones and exceptional playability by combining the Jargar Silver Sound Violin G Strings with the renowned Jargar Classic E, A, and D strings. This harmonious pairing elevates your violin’s sound, creating an unmatched auditory experience that will leave your audience captivated.

String Tension

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