Shadow Rockabilly Pro Double Bass Pickup SH RB-PRO


The Shadow Rockabilly Pro has two different pickups and excellently reproduces the slap bass sound, essential for every rockabilly double bass player.

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The Shadow Rockabilly Pro or SH RB-PRO has been designed to work with two separate pickups, one pickup is for the bridge and a specially designed pickup goes behind the fingerboard to pick up the click. This set up makes it great for reproducing the slap sound, essential for every rockabilly double bass player.

The Shadow Rockabilly Pro has been developed in cooperation with the legendary rockabilly double bass player Didi Beck. Didi is well known on the European rockabilly scene and has released several books and DVDs for learning and practising the art of rockabilly slap bass.

Existing systems made by other companies were good ideas but some lacked in sound and quality. Didi wanted Shadow to make the perfect system. The Rockabilly Pro was developed by Shadow in collaboration between Didi Beck.Marrying Didi Beck’s professional playing and Shadow’s expertise in sound quality and electronics. Shadow worked out an ultimate system which is unbeatable in sound, quality, and adjustment!

Of course, you can use this system for other styles of bass playing like jazz, country, classic, and so on. For this just reduce the amount of fingerboard volume to your own taste.

The Shadow Rockabilly Pro can be operated with the included battery or connected to a 9v supply from a mains transformer like you might use for an effects pedal.

Using Just the Preamp with Other 3rd Party Pickups

It is possible to use the Shadow Rockabilly Pro preamp with other pickups including magnetic pickups. If you want to use the preamp with your existing pickups already fitted to your bass all you need to do is use some patch leads which will connect to the SH RB Pro. The pickup inputs on the preamp are 2.5mm jack socket. We make Patch Leads for the Shadow Rockabilly Pro that will patch from 1/4″ (6.35mm) Jack to 2.5mm Jack.

Shadow Rockabilly Pro Features

  • Active pickup system for double bass
  • Components: Preamp, bridge pickup SH951 (bridge wing pickup), Slap-Pickup SH2500 (is mounted to the back of the fingerboard)
  • Bridge Pickup Channel: Gain, Bass, Mid, Presence, Volume, Subsonic Filter, Pre-Shape switch
  • Slap Fingerboard Pickup Channel: Gain, Lo-Cut, Treble, Volume, switch for 4kHz / 8kHz corner frequency
  • Plug for mono or a 2 channel amp
  • Phase-switch, chromatic auto-tuner
  • Plug for stabilised 9V DC input
  • Operating time in battery mode (9V) up to approximately 150 hours

Included in the Box

The Shadow Rockabilly Pro ships with the following components:

  • SH RB-PRO Preamp
  • SH951 bridge pickup
  • SH2500 fingerboard pickup
  • Battery (PP3)
  • Battery Pouch
  • Battery clip wire





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