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David Gage Realist Pickups

We carry the UK’s largest stock of David Gage Realist pickups and products for double bass and cello and our fitting service is available to customers who require it.

Our David Gage Realist Pickups stock includes:

David Gage Realist Pickups and products in stock.
David Gage Realist Pickups and products in stock.
  • Copperhead Bass
  • Copperhead Cello
  • SoundClip Bass
  • SoundClip Cello
  • LifeLine Bass
  • WoodTone Bass
  • Docking Station volume control for double bass

We have the entire Realist bass product range fitted to instruments, available for customers to come and try out. If you’re unsure which pickup or product will suit you and your instrument please contact us, we will be more than happy to help. You can read our buyer’s guide here: Realist Double Bass Pickup Buyer Guide

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