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Realist SoundClip Bass by David Gage


The Realist SoundClip Bass is a really versatile double bass pickup. It allows the player to experiment with pickup placement and mass to get the sound that they want.

Realist SoundClip Bass

The Realist SoundClip Bass is a really versatile double bass pickup. It allows the player to experiment with pickup placement and mass to get the sound that they want. Most players experiment at first by clamping the SoundClip to different areas of the bridge to find their sound. The SoundClip comes with a weight system to change the mass of the pickup which also influences the sound.

  • The Realist SoundClip Bass clamps onto the bridge of the double bass easily, without marking or damaging.
  • Clamping allows it to be added to or removed from any double bass, at any time, without a problem.
  • Easy installation makes the Realist SoundClip Bass great for traveling bassists or for those who want a pickup only when they are using an amp.
  • 4-year warranty.


From the makers of the most respected double bass pickup on the market, the Realist Copperhead for bass, comes the Realist SoundClip Bass. A real innovation in pickups for bassists.

Realist SoundClip for Bass Features

The Realist SoundClip has features not found on any other pickup.

The built-in volume knob gives the player full control to adjust the volume on the spot.

A clever variable weight system helps you to contour your tone, working with the instrument’s natural sound to produce a superior amplified sound. Adding mass to the bridge and allowing the player to adjust the pickup’s placement provides incomparable control of how the instrument’s sound is represented.

The SoundClip is fully adaptable to all basses and playing situations. The SoundClip is the first and only pickup that contours the acoustic output of the instrument to improve the amplified sound. Any bass can produce a professional quality sound without giving up the patented Realist pressure sensitivity and superior arco and pizzicato output.

Users of Realist products have come to expect the highest quality manufacturing. Milled from solid brass, the SoundClip is a finely tooled and durable pickup. It comes with an incomparable 4-year warranty, which is a testament to its robust and innovative construction.

Take it with you, leave it on your bass, or bring it only when you need it. The SoundClip delivers the most reliable pickup sound, contoured to your tastes and your bass’s needs.

Still undecided? Take a look at our double bass pickup guide. Call us on 01332 840391 for our advice or to arrange a visit to try one out. You can also read more ab0ut Realist products on David Gage’s website

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