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Hidersine Vivente Academy Cello Outfit Configurator

From: £686.00

Configure and buy your perfect Hidersine Vivente Academy Cello outfit. We will build your bespoke outfit, to order, in our workshop especially for you.

  • 60% Discount on Luthier Setup
  • 10% Discount on Bow and Case upgrades

We recommend choosing our Luthier setup for the best playability and sound. A string upgrade also improves the sound/tone of the cello. Use our configurator below to select the best options for you.

Hidersine Vivente instruments feature a solid spruce top – or sound-table. This is important because your instrument’s primary voice is formed by this sound-table, and therefore the top can resonate as a single, coherent structure and sound great as a result. Plus, as the wood ages and the solid tonewood top gradually relaxes at a cellular level into its natural rest state, it will resonate even naturally, and the sound will improve further.


The Hidersine Vivente Academy cello outfit is designed for and aimed at the ambitious beginner and performs well against other cellos in the same price range. The Academy version differs from the standard Vivente by having finetune Wittner geared Pegs fitted.

The Vivente Academy cello in our demonstration video has benefited from our full luthier setup and is fitted with factory strings. The video consists of three pieces played on the cello. In the second piece, we detail the setup work that we’ve carried out along with closeups of the corresponding part of the cello. The video has been recorded at our premises and represents the cello’s natural sound as faithfully as possible for the best audio definition, use headphones.

Hidersine Vivente Academy Cello Upgrades

We offer numerous upgrade options that you can configure for your Vivente Academy cello, these include:

  • Full luthier setup (as demonstrated in the video) You can buy with the confidence that your new cello will be set up to the highest standard in our workshop by our experienced luthiers. You can read more on our Cello Setup Explained page where we detail every step of your cello’s set up. We discount our luthier setup on new instruments by 60% and absorb some of the workshop work involved in our retailer’s margin.
  • Strings upgrade
  • Bow upgrade, we provide a 10% discount on bow upgrades
  • Case upgrade, we provide a 10% discount on case upgrades

Why we offer discounts on upgrades: this is a bit of a hangover from the not so distant ‘old days’. When a customer visits our showroom, they may not want the standard package of the outfit as sold by the manufacturer. Quite often, a customer would select a different bow and decide a different case suited their needs better, creating their bespoke outfit. We would always work out a bundle price by applying a discount, and now we are pleased to offer the same service online.

Special Handling Delivery

We know you’ll be nervous about your new cello arriving with a parcel company and the potential for damage, we are too! This is why we only deliver cellos using our van and staff, ensuring your new cello arrives with you in perfect condition. Our van is tracked so that you can view your live ETA and our van’s location on the day of delivery. Full details are available here: Special Handling Delivery Service We have to charge for this service as it is costly for us to operate, the delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your postcode. Alternatively, you can choose to collect from our workshop free of charge.

Finance Options

We offer various finance options for your new cello purchase on our checkout page and you can tailor the terms to suit your needs. These options are additional to the usual Visa/Mastercard/Amex/ApplePay payment options.

Manufacturer’s description

Here is what Hidersine write about their Vivente Academy cello:

Special Features of the award-winning ‘Academy’ Series:

Tuning has never been easier:
Wittner’s Finetune pegs are a genuine revelation for players of all standards, with even seasoned professionals choosing to fit them to the very finest instruments. But these discreet, internally geared pegs make life so much simpler for students too!

Traditionally, most bowed instruments are tuned using wooden pegs, which are ‘wedged’ into the wooden holes of the pegbox at the top of the instrument, with simple friction keeping them in place. When the strings needed to be tuned therefore, for the pegs to turn, they would have to be loosened, turned and then pushed back in. This process can take a little force and isn’t the easiest or most accurate for inexperienced hands. Plus, over time the pegs can slip – therefore losing their pitch – or stick – making them hard to turn and tune.
Any teacher or student will tell you the amount of time wasted at the beginning or during lessons getting their student instrument up to pitch, and having it stay there!

The clever, German-engineering employed in Wittner’s Finetune pegs allows the student or professional to turn the internally geared peg in a controlled way, without the main shaft of the peg ever losing contact with the pegbox. This means you can make tiny, incremental increases or decreases in pitch – just like tuning a guitar. Getting your instrument in tune, and keeping it there has literally never been easier…. So now your precious time can be spent on the learning and playing – not tuning.. and re-tuning.

  • Finetune Pegs look like traditional pegs on the outside. All the clever stuff is hidden inside.
  • Finetune Pegs will save hours of wasted lesson time for students and teachers.
  • Finetune Pegs are fitted as standard to Hidersine ‘Academy’ and ‘Finetune’ instruments.
  • Finetune Pegs are also chosen by seasoned professional players. They’re even fitted to virtuoso Elizabeth Pitcairn’s ‘c1720 Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius Violin’! How’s that for a vote of confidence?

Finetune pegs are also available to buy separately for Violin, Viola and Cello.

Key Features:

Lightweight in every way but tone:
Hidersine’s Vivente Academy cello features a Wittner ‘Ultra’ lightweight, composite tailpiece and a carbon fibre endpin. Both these innovative additions help reduce the cello’s overall weight, therefore making it easier to handle and transport. Plus, the carbon fibre endpin allows the instrument to resonate more fully.

A tone that will continually improve.
Hidersine Vivente Academy instruments feature a solid spruce top – or sound-table. This is important because your instrument’s primary voice is formed by this sound-table, and therefore the top can resonate as a single, coherent structure and sound great as a result. Plus, as the wood ages and the solid tonewood top gradually relaxes at a cellular level into its natural rest state, it will resonate even naturally, and the sound will improve further.
Hidersine Vivente Academy instruments not only have a solid top, but they also have solid Maple ribs and backs too. These solid tonewood sections further enhance the instrument’s natural tone. The top produces the instrument’s primary voice, and the back and sides add the character.

Ebony – Feels great, plays great:

Vivente Academy violins, violas, cellos and double basses all benefit from a genuine Ebony fingerboard. This prized hardwood has traditionally been used for fingerboards for hundreds of years due to its truly long-lasting properties. Unlike stained or ‘ebonized’ softwoods often used on student instruments, genuine Ebony will not mark, pit or wear out under lengthy playing periods. Rather it will remain structurally sound for a very long time, and will also feel smooth on the fingers, helping make the playing experience more pleasant all round.

An Exclusive Appearance.

The solid Maple core is enhanced further by a ‘graphic flame’ finish. This is a special finishing technique which gives the appearance of visually top-grade, flamed maple, so your Vivente instrument has the appearance of a much more exclusive instrument.

Supplied with:

  • Padded gigbag/carry case with bow holder and accessory pockets (upgradeable by Bass Bags)
  • Brazilwood, Half-mounted bow (upgradeable by Bass Bags)
  • Hidersine Rosin block

Quick Spec:

  • Solid Spruce Table
  • Solid Maple back and ribs with graphic flame
  • Carved Maple Neck
  • Genuine Ebony fingerboard
  • Maple Bridge,
  • Wittner FineTune geared pegs
  • Wittner Ultra-lightweight tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Carbon Fibre endpin
  • Steel Strings (upgradeable by Bass Bags)

Available Sizes:

  • 4/4
  • 3/4
  • 1/2




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Tuning Pegs Type

Wittner Finetune Geared Pegs

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