Arco Clip Hook Double Bass Bow Hook for Belt or Stand


  • Practical, innovative solution for bow storage
  • Crafted and assembled by Steve Berry
  • Made from high-quality components for reliability
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Offers an unobtrusive comfort during performances
  • Securely attaches to most music stands
  • Easily stores in a gig bag pocket post-rehearsal
  • Can be attached to a belt or pocket for easy accessibility
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Arco Clip Hook: A Revolution in Double Bass Bow Storage

Conceived out of necessity and a spirit of DIY, the Arco Clip Hook was Steve Berry’s ingenious solution to practical bow storage. The idea was sparked by a cleverly modified plastic trouser hanger and an aversion to bow quivers. Recognising not everyone is equipped or inclined towards DIY, Steve decided to craft a batch of clip hooks, offering fellow musicians an uncomplicated, yet effective solution for bow storage. This compact, innovative accessory guarantees your bow’s safety and is as lightweight as it is convenient.

Hand-assembled, High-Quality Components for Superior Performance

After rigorous research, Steve opted for simple, high-quality components for the Arco Clip Hook, ensuring its durability and superior performance. He established a meticulous production process, personally hand-assembling each Arco Clip Hook. This offers the reliability and quality assurance that only a product assembled with care can provide.

Unobtrusive Comfort and Convenience for the Modern Musician

The Arco Clip Hook boasts such comfort and unobtrusiveness that you might forget it’s even there! This ingenious device ensures your bow remains safely out of harm’s way, while keeping it readily accessible when you need it. Just remember to unclip it before hopping in your car, as Steve found out!

Manufacturer’s  Description

The Arco Clip Hook is a simple but ingenious device that allows you to hang your double bass bow from anywhere you can attach the clip. The Clip Hook is used mostly attached to your music stand or your belt to hang the bow out of harm’s way. There have been various different versions of the bow hook over the years, this is the most up to date current MK3 model (revised in 2016).

Individually hand-assembled, the arco clip hook brings an elegant and ingenious solution to the age-old problem of the bow’s safe and secure storage during prolonged pizzicato passages, one which also affords quick and convenient resumption of arco playing.

As previously, the Arco Clip Hook can of course be used in its original way – clipped onto a belt or waistband, allowing the bow to be held securely to the player’s side, ‘sword style’.

Alternatively, it can be opened out to allow the hook to hang down from the clip as it attaches to a horizontal ledge (typically the ledge of a music stand). Thus the bow can be conveniently stored right in front of the player if desired.

Starting with two pre-made components (the hook and the spring-loaded clip), each Arco Clip Hook is then individually hand-assembled with great care, now with the barrel hinge made from plastic (formerly it was hardwood and heat-shrunk rubber sleeving). Also, it has been possible to source hooks that can be screwed in place, obviating the need for resin glue.

The bow retaining hook is metal and covered with glass fibre braided cloth and rubber, protecting the bow’s frog. The hook also terminates in a rounded metal ball, shrouded in rubber and so there’s no danger of encountering a sharp edge if making a hurried grab for the bow.

The hinge assembly now moves a little more freely than it did before, the friction of rubber on plastic (with the mk2 version) proving to be less necessary than originally thought.



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