Eastman VB200 Double Bass Setup With Helicore Strings


This is a new VB200 double bass that has had our full workshop set up carried out by our luthier and is fitted with D’Addario Helicore strings.

Also available for hire

Eastman VB200 Double Bass

A new Westbury double bass fully setup by our luthier and fitted with D’Addario Helicore strings.

Having had the benefit of our luthier’s extensive set up this bass is a joy to play. The Helicore strings work well with the bass, and it sounds great when played arco or pizzicato.

The VB200 also sometimes called “Westbury” bass is entirely hand-crafted from select solid seasoned tonewoods. It has an ebony fingerboard and an ebony tailpiece with a steel rope tailgut. It has a quality steel rod endpin with a rosewood plug. The finish is a hand applied amber satin varnish.

We also have Basses that are in a “pre-workshop” condition in stock and un-setup, still in their factory finished state, the state in which you will find most Westbury’s advertised for sale on the internet. They don’t come with strings and have had no setup work done to them yet. These basses are available for sale with the option of our luthier’s full setup. We will also sell them as they are, without setup, and we will match any like-for-like price.

Our “pre-workshop” double basses give our customers the opportunity to discuss different options and how they would like their bass setting up. Our set up includes:

  • Adjusting the top nut
  • Shooting the fingerboard
  • Cutting and fitting the bridge
  • Adjusting and fitting the tailpiece
  • Adjusting and fitting the soundpost
  • Fitting the customer’s choice of strings


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