Eastman VB200 Fully Setup with Evah Pirazzi Weich Strings


The Eastman VB200 double bass fully setup by our Luthier and fitted with Evah Pirazzi Weich strings with the option of a Realist Lifeline pickup and a Realist Docking Station.

This Eastman VB200 is the model and specification as reviewed by Geoff at DiscoverDoubleBass.com

This Eastman VB200 violin pattern double bass has been fully setup by our luthier, during the setup it has been fitted with an adjustable bridge, Evah Pirazzi weich strings, an optional Realist Lifeline Pickup and a Realist Docking station can also be fitted.

The Eastman VB200 is an entirely carved or solid bass, made from figured Maple (back & ribs) and Spruce (top). The fingerboard and top nut are both ebony. We fit an ebony tailpiece with a steel rope tailwire and an A grade quality bridge.

We have done the following work to this Violin Pattern Eastman VB200

  • Reshape top nut
  • Shoot fingerboard
  • Cut and fit grade A quality bridge
  • Fit bridge adjusters to bridge

(We don’t use off the shelf adjustable bridges because of quality. We pick a normal bridge and then make it adjustable with components that we’ve chosen and that work well together)

The Eastman VB200 represents excellent value for money and with our setup, it makes for a great jazz or orchestral double bass.

The Eastman VB200 is made by Eastman Strings and finished off by our luthier.



Without Pickup, Realist Lifeline, Realist Lifeline and Docking Station

Scale Length




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