Eastman VB200 Jazz Bass Gamba Shape


We’ve taken a standard fully carved VB200 double bass made by Eastman Strings and given it the complete Jazz treatment. The result is amazing.

The Eastman VB200 Jazz Bass is a standard fully carved gamba pattern VB200 double bass that we’ve set up giving it the full Jazz treatment. The result is fantastic. The photographs are actual instrument photos, not stock photos. Having had all of the necessary Luthier work carried out by us already, the Westbury Jazz bass is available for viewing, playing and immediate sale at our Derbyshire location.

This is a brand new Eastman VB200 double bass that we’ve set up predominantly for Jazz or Pizz playing.

Included in Addition to the Standard VB200 Double Bass

  • Spirocore strings – Great, if not the best for Jazz
  • An adjustable bridge – To give you the flexibility
  • Realist Lifeline Pickup – To give you more punch (Optional)
  • Realist Docking Station – Volume at your fingertips (Optional)

VB200 Jazz Bass Setup

The VB200 Jazz bass has been set up from the outset as a Jazz bass. We’ve performed our complete set up on the bass which has included:

  • Reshaping the top nut
  • Shooting the fingerboard
  • Refitting the soundpost
  • Recutting and fitting an adjustable bridge
  • Fitting of an Ebony tailpiece with a high-quality steel rope tail wire.
  • Installation of the Realist Lifeline pickup and Docking Station.

We’ve strung the bass with Spirocore bass strings as the Jazz standard, and we’ve set the bass up with these strings in mind. However, there are other string options available upon request.

Optional Realist Pickup System Fitted

We’ve chosen the Realist Lifeline pickup as it gives a little more punch than the Copperhead, making it ideal for Jazz players. Having used the Realist Docking Station ourselves, we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want one on a bass. It gives you instant control of your volume at your fingertips.







Without Pickup, Realist Lifeline, Realist Lifeline and Docking Station

Scale Length

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