Eastman VB90 Double Bass Outfit Setup by our Luthier


The Eastman VB90 double bass is a Hybrid with a solid spruce top and laminate ribs and back. The VB90 is fully setup by our luthier and sold as an outfit including a bow and a case.

Eastman VB90 Double Bass

This Eastman VB90 double bass is available in 3/4 and 1/2 sizes, it has been fully setup by our luthier and is in stock, available to try out. The bass is of a hybrid construction having a solid top, laminate back, and ribs. It is offered for sale as an outfit which includes a case and a composite bow.

The work carried out by our luthier to this bass includes:

  • Adjustment of the top nut
  • Shooting the fingerboard
  • Cutting and fitting the bridge
  • Adjustment and fitting of the tailpiece
  • Adjustment and fitting of the soundpost

Most players and luthiers agree that the tone colour of an instrument will depend on the materials and construction of the instrument’s top. The VB90 model bass has a carved top of solid spruce, so this model combines the sturdiness and cost savings of a laminated bass with the improved sound of a carved top.

  • Fully carved solid spruce top
  • Sturdy laminated back and ribs
  • Solid ebony fingerboard
  • Solid brass tuning machines
  • Outfit includes Presto™ padded bag and K.Holtz FG bow (French frog)

Available to order in sizes 7/8 – 1/8

5-string available in 7/8 size to order only.
Gamba-corner pattern (only)

Other Eastman VB90 Double Basses Available in Our Stock


We have VB90 Basses that are “pre-workshop” in stock and un-setup, still in their factory finished state, the state in which you will find most VB90’s advertised for sale on the internet. They’ve had no setup work done to them yet. These basses are available for sale with the option of our luthier’s full setup. We will also sell them as they are, without setup, and we will match any like-for-like price.

Our “pre-workshop” double basses give our customers the opportunity to discuss different options and how they would like their bass setting up. Our set up includes:

  • Adjusting the top nut
  • Shooting the fingerboard
  • Cutting and fitting the bridge
  • Adjusting and fitting the tailpiece
  • Adjusting and fitting the soundpost
  • Fitting the customer’s choice of strings





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