Eastman VB105 Double Bass Setup With Spirocore Strings


This Eastman VB105 Double Bass is fully setup by our luthier and is fitted with an adjustable bridge, Spirocore strings and Realist pickup system.

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The Eastman VB105 is a hybrid double bass with carved Spruce front, carved Maple back and laminate ribs. It has had its varnish hand applied which gives it a lovely visual finish. The carved front and back give the bass a great sound whilst the laminate ribs improve the robustness of the bass.

We have setup this Eastman VB105 as a jazz bass with an adjustable bridge, we’ve fitted Thomastik Spirocore strings, a Realist Lifeline pickup and a Realist Docking station.

The work we’ve carried out on this new Eastman VB105 double bass in detail is as follows:

  • Reshape top nut
  • Shoot fingerboard
  • Cut and fit grade A quality bridge
  • Fit bridge adjusters to bridge

(We don’t use off the shelf adjustable bridges because of quality. We pick a normal bridge and then make it adjustable with components that work well together)

  • Fit Endpin unit
  • Fit Tailpiece
  • Fit Thomastik Spirocore strings
  • Refit the Soundpost
  • Fit a Realist Lifeline pickup
  • Fit a Realist docking station volume control

The Eastman VB105 double bass is made by Eastman Strings and finished off by our luthier.

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