Eastman Pietro Lombardi VB502


This is a new Eastman Pietro Lombardi VB502 double bass which has been fully setup by our luthier and fitted with Pirastro Flexocore deluxe strings.

Eastman Pietro Lombardi VB502 Double Bass

The Eastman Pietro Lombardi VB502 double bass is offered in a fully antiqued finish. These handmade and hand varnished instruments offer the highest level of workmanship from Eastman’s excellent workshop. They produce a powerful and robust tone. These instruments are aimed at the professional player and are supplied with quality fittings.

The Eastman Pietro Lombardi VB502 is also known as the Master Series in the UK. Although, the Eastman Master series is sold as an un-setup instrument without strings or a bridge.

The Eastman VB502 double bass is made with a beautifully flamed maple back and a highly select spruce top. The sophisticated amber coloured spirit varnish of the Master Series is reminiscent of Italian makers.

Furthermore, our luthier has performed a full and comprehensive setup on this bass and at the same time fitted Pirastro Flexocore Deluxe strings which work really well with the VB502 and as a result complement the bass greatly.

This double bass is in stock and available to try at our Derbyshire location.

The Eastman VB502 has been reviewed on the Eastman Strings website by Edwin Livingston, the Bassist for Natalie Cole. His review reads as follows, “I have found a well-made instrument with an amazing sound and feel and it is the Pietro Lombardi! It is rare to find a new bass with such quality fittings and craftsmanship in this price range”


Strings: Pirastro Flexocore Deluxe
Level: Professional
Pattern: 3/4 Violin shape only
Body: Hand carved highly figured maple and spruce with inlaid purfling
Finish: Hand-applied spirit varnish in a full antiqued aspect
Endpin: Quality Endpin Unit with brass key and Rosewood bulb.
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine Heads: Individual French pattern Machine Heads made of solid brass
Tailpiece: Ebony with metal rope cord
Topnut: Ebony
Length of Back: 1030 mm
Upper: 515 mm
Middle: 387 mm
Lower: 670 mm

Other Eastman VB502 Double Basses Available in Our Stock

The double basses listed below are in addition to the one listed above on this page. The basses that are “setup and available for sale” in the list are setup ready for customers to try and available for immediate sale.

Double Bass Status
3/4 size Eastman VB502, violin shape. In stock, pre-workshop, ready for setup as per customer requirements


Basses that have the status “pre-workshop” are in stock and un-setup, still in their factory finished state, the state in which you will find some Master Series basses advertised for sale on the internet. They don’t come with strings or a bridge and have had no setup work done to them as yet. These basses are available for sale with the option of our luthier’s full setup. Although we will also sell them as they are, without setup, and we will match any like-for-like price.

Our “pre-workshop” double basses give our customers the opportunity to discuss different options and how they would like their bass setting up. Our luthier’s setup includes:

  • Adjusting the top nut
  • Shooting the fingerboard
  • Cutting and fitting the bridge
  • Adjusting and fitting the tailpiece
  • Adjusting and fitting the soundpost
  • Fitting the customer’s choice of strings

We can offer various custom options with our setup ranging from different bridges to low C extensions.

We normally advise customers to allow up to two weeks for their bass setup. The actual time it takes us to setup a double bass varies depending on the volume and type of work we have on at the time.




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