Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass Strings

///Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass Strings

Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass Strings


Thomastik Spirocore double bass strings are absolutely great pizzicato strings, used and loved by great jazz bassists all over the world. We stock them in solo and orchestra tuning with different tensions also available.


Spirocore double bass strings are the reference standard for Pizz and Jazz bass players.

Thomastik Spirocore bass strings are absolutely great pizzicato strings, used and loved by great jazz bassists all over the world. We stock them in solo and orchestra tuning with different tensions also available. The most popular are the 3/4 size medium orchestra set closely followed by the Weich variant.

Our most popular version of Spirocores is a set of 3/4 size, medium tension in orchestra tuning.

As Thomastik say, about their Spirocore bass strings, they have a flexible multiwire spiral rope core. They offer a longer period of musical vibration and significantly reduce inertia. Spirocore double bass strings are equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato. They are highly responsive and long-lasting. Spirocore strings, widely recognised as “the reference standard” are renowned for their distinctive tone and playability.

Spirocore bass strings are made in Austria by Thomastik-Infeld

Table of Options

Stock CodeSize String / Set Tension Solo or Orchestra Tuning Price Quantity Add To Basket
S42S4/4Set of StringsHighOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
S424/4Set of StringsMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
S434/4Set of StringsMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£188.81
S42W4/4Set of StringsLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
S36STARK4/4G StringHighOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
S364/4G StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
S36W4/4G StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
S37STARK4/4D StringHighOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
S374/4D StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
S37W4/4D StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
S38STARK4/4A StringHighOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
S384/4A StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
S38W4/4A StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
S39STARK4/4E StringHighOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30
S394/4E StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30
S39W4/4E StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30
S41S4/4B5 Low B StringHighOrchestra G-D-A-E£81.10
S414/4B5 Low B StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£81.10
S444/4E 2.1m C Ext.MediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£114.40
S44W4/4E 2.1m C Ext.LowOrchestra G-D-A-E£114.40
S354/4C String (High)MediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£45.35
S36S4/4A1 StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£47.50
S37S4/4E2 StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£60.48
S38S4/4B StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£56.24
S39S4/4F# StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£64.30
S40S4/4C# StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£75.65
S404/4C StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£75.65
S40W4/4C StringLowSolo F#-B-E2-A£75.65
38853/4Set of StringsMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
38863/4Set of StringsMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£218.34
3885.0W3/4Set of StringsLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
3885.23/4G StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
3885.2W3/4G StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
3885.33/4D StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
3885.3W3/4D StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
3885.43/4A StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
3885.4W3/4A StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
3885.53/4E StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30
3885.5W3/4E StringLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30
3885.73/4B5 Low B StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£81.10
3885.63/4E 2.1m C Ext.MediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£75.65
3885.6W3/4E 2.1m C Ext.LowOrchestra G-D-A-E£75.65
3885.13/4C String (High)MediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£45.35
3886.13/4A1 StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£47.50
3886.23/4E2 StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£50.40
3886.33/4B StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£56.24
3886.43/4F# StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£64.30
3886.53/4C# StringMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£75.65
38871/2Set of StringsMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
38711/2Set of StringsMediumSolo F#-B-E2-A£188.81
3887.0W1/2Set of StringsLowOrchestra G-D-A-E£188.81
3887.21/2G StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
3887.31/2D StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
3887.41/2A StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
3887.51/2E StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30
38741/4Set of StringsMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£218.34
3874.21/4G StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£47.50
3874.31/4D StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£50.40
3874.41/4A StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£56.24
3874.51/4E StringMediumOrchestra G-D-A-E£64.30

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Double Bass


4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4

String / Set

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Solo or Orchestra Tuning


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