Nyman Double Bass Rosin


  • Endorsed by professional double bass players across the UK.
  • Superior quality rosin for musicians of all skill levels.
  • Always fresh, thanks to our meticulous stock rotation.
  • Affordable pricing, offering the best value in the UK.
  • Comes in a convenient and stylish purple plastic pot.
  • Slightly sticky texture ensures smooth application.
  • Durable packaging for optimal rosin protection.
  • Produced by the renowned Nyman Harts in Sweden.
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Unleash Your Musical Potential with Nyman Double Bass Rosin

Unlock the doors to the symphony of your dreams with the Nyman Double Bass Rosin. Endorsed by professional double bass players throughout the UK, this rosin is celebrated for its superior quality and consistent performance. Regardless of your skill level, Nyman rosin will enhance the richness of your sound, making it the perfect companion for every bassist.

Nyman Double Bass Rosin is crafted with great care and precision in Sweden by Nyman Harts. Its unique formulation has been passed down through generations, earning a place of respect in the music world. The slightly sticky texture and hard consistency of this rosin ensure a smooth application and optimal friction with your double bass bow, leading to superior sound production.

Experience the Freshness and Quality of Our Nyman Double Bass Rosin

The Nyman Double Bass Rosin we stock is always fresh and ready to ignite your musical passion. We believe that every musician deserves the best, which is why our Nyman rosin never sits on our shelves for long. Thanks to our affordable pricing and meticulous stock rotation, you can be confident that your rosin will always be of the highest quality and freshness.

We understand that every musician has unique needs, and our pricing reflects that. Despite being the most affordable in the UK, our Nyman Double Bass Rosin never compromises on quality or performance. Get ready to experience the ultimate blend of affordability and excellence.

Embrace the Ease of Use with Nyman Double Bass Rosin

Our Nyman Double Bass Rosin comes in a convenient and sleek purple plastic pot, wrapped in a foil cup. To use, simply peel back some of the foil, revealing the rosin beneath. You can then apply it easily to your double bass bow, enabling you to create music that resonates and touches souls.

The packaging of the Nyman Double Bass Rosin is as durable as it is stylish. It’s designed to protect your rosin from any damage, ensuring that it remains fresh and effective for longer. Let your music soar with the effortless application and superior protection of our Nyman Double Bass Rosin.

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