Nyman Double Bass Rosin

///Nyman Double Bass Rosin

Nyman Double Bass Rosin


Regarded by most professional double bassists as the simply the best bass rosin. Nyman double bass rosin is our most popular double bass rosin by far.

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Nyman Double Bass Rosin

Our Nyman double bass rosin is always fresh. We price it to sell quickly and it is usually the lowest priced in the UK. Because of our low pricing and careful stock rotation it never sits on the shelf for long. This means your Nyman rosin will always be the freshest possible from us.

Nyman’s double bass rosin is widely considered, by most professional double bass players, as the best double bass rosin. That said, it’s a perfect rosin for bass players of all levels.

Nyman double bass rosin has been produced for many generations in Sweden by Nyman Harts. It has, over time, become the choice of many professionals. The rosin is hard with a slightly sticky texture. It comes packaged in a foil cup within the purple plastic pot. To use the rosin just peel back some of the foil to reveal the rosin so that you can apply it to the double bass bow.


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