CelloGard Pair of Sleeves


CelloGard soft neoprene spare sleeves for the support arms available in;

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Grey
  • Ivory White
  • Black
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Why not customise your CelloGard and order a spare pair of sleeves. The foldable version comes with Red sleeves and the Model One comes with Grey sleeves. The soft, neoprene sleeves cover the support arms and come in a variety of colours. Neutral or darker shades for more formal events or Brighter, more lively hues for high visibility. The sleeves are identical and are interchangeable between both models of CelloGard.

Spare sleeves can be ordered in Purple, Yellow, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Red, Grey, Ivory White and Black.




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