Dominant Pro Cello Strings

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  • Professional-grade cello strings for advanced players
  • Inspired by the sound of a tube amplifier and using innovative metal core technology
  • Airy and light sound character with pronounced, brilliant overtones
  • Can be modulated from fine-grained to coarse-grained
  • Darker and more focused sound than regular Dominant strings
  • Excellent dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo
  • Suitable for use in orchestral and chamber music settings
  • Increased string tensions for extended playing requirements
  • Rich colors and a structured sound
  • Includes A, D, G, and C strings
  • Fastest and most direct response within the Thomastik-Infeld cello string repertoire.
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Thomastik-Infeld’s new product, Dominant Pro cello strings, builds upon the character of their classic Dominant line, offering contemporary players an expanded repertoire of strings without compromising the familiar tone.

Introducing Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro, a professional-grade cello string set designed for the discerning musician. Inspired by the sound of a tube amplifier and utilizing an innovative metal core, the Dominant Pro set delivers an airy, light sound with brilliant overtones and a warm, textured timbre. Redefine your tonal ideals and enjoy an inspired playing experience with Dominant Pro.

ModulationPlus: The strings offer the highest modulation capacity for timbres and sound structure. The sound can be brilliantly bright or warm, round and rich, depending on the playing style. The sound structure can be easily modulated from fine to coarse, providing musicians with many tonal possibilities.

Experience a wide dynamic range, from whisper-soft pianissimo to powerful fortissimo with Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro cello strings. With an innovative metal core, these strings offer the fastest and most direct response of any string in our collection, providing exceptional resonance even at high bow speeds. Enjoy rich, textured tones easily modulated from fine to coarse, creating a beautiful and structured sound.

What sets Dominant Pro apart?

Dominant Pro strings offer a darker, more focused sound with enhanced directness compared to regular Dominant strings. They still allow for a wide range of tonal colours, however. Incremental increases in string tension adapt to bow pressure for extended playing requirements without weighing down the instrument. These strings assert themselves strongly in orchestral settings and excel in chamber music with their dynamic range and modulation capabilities.

This set includes the following strings:

  • DP41 A-string: With an airy, light, sound character and a warm foundation, this string delivers beautiful brightness and pronounced brilliance. Its timbre and sound structure can be modulated in various ways, from fine to coarse-grained. It’s also easy to play and quickly ready to use.
  • DP42 D-string: This string is warmer than the A-string, characterised by an airy and light sound character. It creates a homogeneous connection to the G- and C-strings and is the prime example of a cello D-string that’s warm, round, and singing. Its sonorous sound in the upper registers is exceptional.
  • DP43 G-string: This string has a dark, warm colour with a slightly metallic brilliance, and offers less modulation capacity than tungsten-wound G-strings. However, it has a very sustaining focus that enhances its overall sound.
  • DP44 C-string: This string has an intense, dark, and particularly rich sound, with seductively growly notes that support the resonance of the whole set. Its beautiful bass-baritone sound is perfect for cello music.
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