Pirastro Chorda Cello Strings


  • 4/4 Size
  • Three different gauges in 1/2 PM steps
  • Authentic strings for baroque instruments
  • Designed for 440 Hz tuning
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Pirastro recommends for use with these strings

Pirastro Cellisto Rosin

Brilliant cherry red. A soft quality rosin for cello.

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Pirastro Chorda Cello strings are ideal and give a typical sound for baroque instruments.

  • The Chorda A and D strings are of plain sheep gut without a knot. The G and C strings are wound with a silver-plated copper wire and are unpolished and have a knot at the end.
  • A brilliant and soft sound with enormous possibilities
  • Very low string tension, comfortable left-hand feeling
  • Designed for 440 Hz tuning
  • For 415 Hz tuning, please use “strong” gauge.
  • Altering the PM gauge by 1/2 PM changes the tension by 4%.
  • Authentic strings for baroque instruments

The medium Chorda set contains the following strings:

  • A plain gut 21
  • D plain gut 29
  • G silver-plated copper wire 27 1/2
  • C silver-plated copper wire 36

Pirastro Chorda Cello String Ends

  • A- and D-strings come without a knot.
  • G- and C-strings come with a knot.
  • Chorda strings are manufactured in three gauges in steps of 1/2 PM.

Made in Germany by Pirastro

Chorda Cello Strings

A String Gut 20 1/2, A String Gut 21, A String Gut 21 1/2, C String Gut/Silver 35 1/2, C String Gut/Silver 36, C String Gut/Silver 36 1/2, D String Gut 28 1/2, D String Gut 29, D String Gut 29 1/2, G String Gut/Silver 27, G String Gut/Silver 27 1/2, G String Gut/Silver 28, Set (Medium)


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