Thomastik Versum Solo Cello Strings


Available in 4/4 Size in the following packs

  • Twin pack set A & D Strings
  • Twin pack set C & G Strings
  • Single strings
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Thomastik Versum Solo cello strings offer unprecedented possibilities of combining colour, sound and texture. These strings were designed for profound power, ideal response and optimal projection – and they deliver! With effortless virtuosity, they are poised to enhance the performances of even the most discerning players and cut through any acoustical situation.

With the Versum Solo A comes new freedom of expression! It impresses with its richly smooth, saturated warm tone colours and soloistic brilliance. Even in full performance, it does not compromise in sound, both in the delicate Pianissimo as well as the rich Fortissimo and still offers the diverse tonal palette a cellist needs on stage. Thanks to its effortless and elegant response Versum Solo is swift to react. With a beautiful body and distinguished projection, the Versum Solo A is a league of its own!

The new Versum Solo D compensates for the common flaws of D strings and offers the captivating presence, textured body and vast colour spectrum you have been searching for. Its exceptional design made of ultra-light aluminium and a synthetic coated copper winding allows for a much smaller string diameter than commonly expected from a D string. The result: a brilliant, powerful and rich sound that turns the D string into an ideal bridge between G and A. It also enables you to easily draw harmonic overtones from your instrument. After a short settling time, Versum Solo lets you express elegant piano nuances and lets you live your solistic presence to the fullest.

The Versum G and C strings have a spiral core and are tungsten and chrome wound.

The combination has been developed to complement Versum Solo A and D strings and is another asset to the twin-set system introduced in 2017.

Versum Solo G and C strings embody an as yet unrivalled synthesis of explosive dynamics and graceful flexibility with the best possible response. Their solid, deep core tone is surprising with its brilliant and vivid note. Their modulation capability is just as exceptional: whether soft and sweet piano, valiant fortissimo passages or simply the earthy response; the sky’s the limit for the player.

The sound effect of the bow response can also be fully customized: whether soft, hard or sharp, from Baroque to modern, Versum Solo G and C strings offer the highest level of possible tones and variations.

Combined with Versum Solo A and D strings, the descant strings sound even livelier and more dynamic. At the same time, they support an exquisite sound with vocal quality.

Made in Vienna by Thomastik Infeld

Versum Solo Cello String

A String, C String, D String, G String, Twin Pack A & D Strings, Twin Pack C & G Strings


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