Thomastik Belcanto Gold Cello Strings


  • Unrivalled sound clarity for precise performance
  • Advanced core technology for quick settling and tuning stability
  • Nickel-free design suitable for players with allergies
  • Carbon steel core on A and D strings for enhanced sound
  • Spiral core on G and C strings for optimal performance
  • Tungsten winding on C string for added durability
  • Balanced set for a modern, well-rounded sound
  • Crafted in Vienna by renowned manufacturer Thomastik Infeld
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Experience Unrivalled Sound Clarity

Belcanto Gold Cello Strings are meticulously crafted to provide musicians with unparalleled sound clarity. The transparent, rich, and warm sound produced by these strings allows cellists to perform with nuance and precision, making the most of their instrument’s potential.

Advanced Core Technology for Exceptional Tuning Stability

Each string in the Belcanto Gold set is designed with a specific core technology that enhances its performance. The A and D strings feature a carbon steel core and multi-alloy winding, while the G and C strings boast a spiral core with the G being multi-alloy wound and the C multi-alloy/Tungsten wound. This innovative construction ensures a quick settling time and exceptional tuning stability for a worry-free playing experience.

Nickel-Free Composition for Allergy-Free Playing

Cellists with nickel allergies can rejoice as the Belcanto Gold Cello Strings are completely nickel-free. This thoughtful design allows musicians to play their instrument without worrying about skin irritations or allergic reactions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Exquisite Tone and Artistry

Belcanto Gold Cello Strings deliver exceptional tonal beauty and expressive versatility, enabling musicians to convey their deepest emotions and artistic vision. The meticulously crafted strings produce a sound that is both transparent and warm, creating an enchanting auditory experience for the listener.

Swift Playability and Responsiveness

Designed for seamless playability, the Belcanto Gold Cello Strings offer incredible responsiveness for a dynamic performance. Whether you’re playing delicate pianissimo passages or powerful fortissimo sections, these strings will react instantaneously to your bowing technique, granting you full control over your instrument.

Belcanto Gold Specification

  • 4/4 Size
  • Medium Tension
  • A & D have a Carbon steel core and multi-alloy wound
  • G has a spiral core and multi-alloy wound
  • C has a spiral core and tungsten/multi-alloy wound
  • 100% Nickel free
  • Made in Vienna by Thomastik Infeld
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