Dorfler No.15 Pernambuco Violin Bow


  • Handmade by expert German craftsmen for unmatched quality.
  • Superior Pernambuco round stick for durability and strength.
  • Nickel silver lined ebony frog enhances grip and control.
  • Three-part nickel silver button with eye ensures optimal balance.
  • Nickel silver winding for enhanced convenience and comfort.
  • Standard 4/4 size, suitable for professionals and ambitious beginners.
  • Exceptional performance and smooth transitions between notes.
  • Delivers rich, nuanced sound, maximising your violin’s potential.
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Exquisite German Craftsmanship

Embodying the pinnacle of German artisanship, the Dorfler No.15 Pernambuco Violin Bow is a testimony to handcrafted perfection. The finest, carefully selected Pernambuco forms the round stick, guaranteeing unrivalled quality and lasting endurance. Not just a mere accessory, it’s a fusion of heritage, precision and superior craftsmanship. Every glide, every movement, echoes the perfection of its German roots.

Detailed and Finely-Tuned Design

The magic resides in the details. Dorfler’s No.15 violin bow boasts a nickel-silver lined ebony frog that adds not just an elegant touch but ensures an unrivalled grip. Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, the nickel silver winding prevents slipping while offering enhanced control. The bow comes in a standard 4/4 size, making it perfect for professional violinists and ambitious beginners alike.

Exemplary Performance Ensured

With a three-part nickel silver button with eye, Dorfler’s No.15 Pernambuco Violin Bow ensures the perfect balance. This facilitates swift and smooth transitions between notes, intensifying your performance. The optimal weight distribution enables greater command, allowing you to extract the richest, most nuanced sound from your violin. Dive into the symphony, and experience the harmony.

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