Dorfler No.9 Brazil Wood Violin Bow


  • Handmade German violin bow enhancing performance.
  • High-quality Brazilwood octagonal stick for perfect balance.
  • Nickel silver-lined ebony frog for durability.
  • Three-part nickel silver button with eye for superior control.
  • Parisian eye detailing for added aesthetic appeal.
  • Nickel silver winding for comfortable grip.
  • Optimal weight for fatigue-free play.
  • Suitable for all styles, offering a seamless glide over strings.
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Unleashing Exceptional Performance with Craftsmanship

At the heart of every Dorfler No.9 Brazil Wood Violin Bow is a story of unmatched German craftsmanship. Our bows are hand-crafted with the highest degree of precision and care. Skilled artisans utilise select Brazilwood, renowned for its perfect weight and balance properties. The octagonal stick is not just a characteristic detail; it’s a testimony to our meticulousness. This makes the No.9 violin bow a cherished asset for every violinist, fostering exceptional performance each time.

Superior Quality Components for Flawless Execution

The Dorfler No.9 bow ensures seamless playability due to its impeccable construction. With a nickel silver-lined ebony frog and three-part nickel silver button with an eye, it’s truly in a class of its own. These premium materials guarantee longevity, facilitating a smooth, friction-free glide over violin strings. The inclusion of the Parisian eye, a subtle yet refined detail, underscores the authenticity and aesthetic charm of the bow.

Designed for Unmatched Comfort and Control

Playing a violin should be a joyful experience. Hence, the Dorfler No.9 Brazil Wood Violin Bow features a nickel silver winding that enhances comfort and control, providing violinists a relaxed grip. The bow’s optimal weight distribution ensures fatigue-free play, facilitating perfect execution of staccato, legato, and everything in between. Discover an unparalleled comfort that allows you to focus solely on your music, creating enchanting melodies that linger.

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