Hidersine Premium Select Pernambuco Octagonal Violin Bow


  • Full size (4/4) violin bow designed for professional performance.
  • Crafted from select Pernambuco octagonal stick for strength and resonance.
  • Silver wire grip ensures secure handling during performances.
  • Elegant silver mounted Ebony frog for stability and aesthetics.
  • Polished silver button enhances visual appeal.
  • Masterpiece from the reputable Hidersine brand.
  • Perfect balance of weight for optimal control and comfort.
  • Ideal investment for an extraordinary musical journey.
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Superior Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the world of rich melodious experiences with the Hidersine Premium Select Pernambuco Octagonal Violin Bow. This full-sized (4/4) bow not only guarantees a touch of sophistication, but also celebrates the exceptional craftsmanship. The striking feature of this masterpiece is the select Pernambuco octagonal stick, a mark of high-quality violin bows known for its strength, resilience, and fantastic acoustic properties. Each stroke will whisper the refined harmonics, adding a layer of emotional intensity to your musical performance.

Exquisite Material Selection

The Hidersine Violin Bow demonstrates an artful integration of premium materials. From its silver wire grip ensuring a secure hold to its silver mounted Ebony frog for stability and aesthetic appeal, every detail is meticulously considered. The silver button adds a touch of elegance and finesse, enhancing the bow’s overall visual allure. Feel the power of luxury in your hands and command the attention of your audience with this extraordinary musical tool.

The Hidersine Legacy

The Hidersine Premium Select Violin Bow carries the legacy of Hidersine – a brand synonymous with quality and reliability in the world of music. Experience the assurance of a product built with generations of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This bow represents not just a purchase, but an investment in your musical journey that will resonate with every note played.

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