Hidersine Premium Carbon Fibre Violin bow


  • Provides an enhanced, resonant sound quality
  • Beautifully crafted with decorative silver windings
  • Fully nickel-mounted ebony frog for elegance
  • Parisian eye adds to the Hidersine quality finish
  • 4/4 Size Carbon fibre build for unprecedented durability
  • Perfect blend of precision, balance and comfort
  • Round shaft for improved grip and fluidity
  • Ideal choice for intermediate violin players
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Experience Unparalleled Sound Quality

The Hidersine Premium Carbon Fibre Violin bow is a revelation in the world of music. Beyond its elegant exterior, it contains the power to transform your performance, providing a vibrant, resonant sound that rivals those produced by traditional Pernambuco bows. Its carbon fibre composition is designed to enhance musical expression, producing a unique, rich tone that will captivate your audience and enrich your playing experience.

Exquisite Craftsmanship meets Durability

Every facet of the Hidersine Carbon Fibre Violin Bow speaks of superior craftsmanship. Its decorative silver windings, fully nickel-mounted ebony frog, and Parisian eye display a meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the Hidersine commitment to quality. In addition, the bow’s carbon fibre build ensures unprecedented durability, maintaining its high performance for years without compromising on its exceptional sound quality.

The Ideal Companion for the Intermediate Player

The Hidersine Carbon Fibre Violin Bow is the perfect partner for the intermediate player. It offers a harmonious blend of precision, balance, and comfort, allowing you to perform with utmost confidence. Its round carbon fibre shaft provides a strong grip, promoting ease of use and fluidity in every performance. This bow truly takes your musical journey to the next level.

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