Hoyer No 14. Pernambuco Violin Bow


  • German-crafted violin bow for superior performance
  • High-quality octagonal Pernambuco stick for strength and flexibility
  • Nickel silver winding for optimum sound transmission
  • Ebony frog lined with nickel silver for excellent handling
  • Nickel silver button for added elegance and balance
  • Perfect weight distribution for controlled playability
  • Enhances tonal quality of your instrument
  • Combines functionality with aesthetic appeal

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A True Gem from German Craftsmanship

Unleash the resonance and pure sound of your violin with the Hoyer No 14. Pernambuco Violin Bow. Produced in Germany, a country with an impressive history in music and artistry, this violin bow is more than an instrument – it’s a testament to centuries-old craftsmanship. Each stroke exudes precision, enhancing your performance like never before.

Exquisite Materials for Supreme Performance

Created with a top-quality octagonal Pernambuco stick, the Hoyer No 14. exhibits durability that parallels its aesthetic appeal. Pernambuco, a Brazilian wood known for its balance of strength and flexibility, lends the bow its remarkable weight distribution and control. Coupled with the nickel silver winding, every aspect of this bow has been designed to optimise sound transmission, improving the tonal quality of your instrument.

Quality Detailing for Enhanced Playability

This violin bow boasts a nickel silver lined ebony frog and nickel silver button – combining functionality with elegance. The ebony frog provides excellent handling, while the nickel silver button adds a touch of refinement. These features complement the aesthetics of the bow and add to its overall balance, making your violin singing more harmonious and fluid.

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