CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow


  • Exceptional balance and superior on-string agility
  • NX Acoustic Core for enhanced tonal richness
  • Innovative Diamond Weave for advanced command
  • Sustainable and durable Xebony® Frog Solution
  • GlobalBow® Design for seamless international travel
  • High-wear components crafted for longevity
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Transform Your Performance with the CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow

Immerse yourself in the astounding craftsmanship of the CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow, available through Bass Bags. Expertly conceived by the esteemed CodaBow, this exceptional musical companion hails from the renowned Diamond Collection. Offering enhanced balance and impressive on-string agility, it provides both advanced students and amateurs an edge in their musical exploration.

Traditional Aesthetics Meet Cutting-Edge Innovation

Experience the superior tone offered by the signature NX Acoustic Core of the Diamond NX Violin Bow. This core, a harmonious blend of advanced fibres, creates a rich resonance unmatched in its price range. Feel the innovative technology in every stroke, perfectly combining the warmth of traditional wood and the robust longevity of contemporary materials.

Diamond Weave: The Pinnacle of Precision Engineering

The Diamond NX Violin Bow isn’t just a bow; it’s a testament to meticulous design and flawless execution. Featuring a pioneering 3D Diamond Weave from button to tip, it elevates your command and control to new levels. Empower your performance with remarkable responsiveness and unparalleled tracking.

Xebony® Frog Solution: A Harmonious Balance of Beauty and Sustainability

Preserving our planet’s natural resources is a responsibility we share. The CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow showcases our commitment to sustainability with the Xebony® Frog Solution. This innovative combination of natural fibres and resin creates a durable, lustrous frog that rivals the beauty of traditional ebony while safeguarding endangered resources.

GlobalBow® Design: Bypass International Hurdles with Confidence

We respect the challenges of the globe-trotting musician. That’s why the Diamond NX Violin Bow features the GlobalBow® designation, assuring worry-free passage through international customs. Free from endangered, monitored, or regulated species, this bow allows you to focus on what matters most – your music.

Lifetime Technology: A Reliable Partner on Your Musical Journey

The Diamond NX Violin Bow is engineered for the long haul. Its high-wear components are crafted from industry-leading composite materials, ensuring you a lifetime of worry-free performance. Trust in the resilience of the Diamond NX and embrace your musical journey with confidence.

Bass Bags: Your Trusted Partner in Music

At Bass Bags, we’re proud to bring you exceptional instruments and accessories like the CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow. We celebrate your musical passion and strive to support it with quality products that exceed your expectations. Choose Bass Bags and experience the difference we make in your musical journey.

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