Dorfler No. 17 Pernambuco Violin Bow


  • Masterfully handmade by skilled German artisans.
  • Features a superior, 30-year-old Pernambuco octagonal stick.
  • Detailed with an elegant, nickel silver-lined Ebony frog.
  • Includes a three-part nickel silver button with an eye.
  • Beautifully adorned with a large single eye and nickel silver winding.
  • Designed in 4/4 size, ideal for adult violinists.
  • Offers exceptional balance and control for dynamic playing.
  • Enhances sound projection for a standout performance.

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Embrace the Power of German Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the world of music with the Dorfler No. 17 Pernambuco Violin Bow. Skilfully handmade by master craftsmen in Germany, this bow brings a blend of tradition and precision to your fingertips. Its superior build quality is evident in every stroke, ensuring that you, the musician, feel and experience a seamless connection to your instrument.

Unparalleled Pernambuco Quality

Harness the power of an expertly aged Pernambuco octagonal stick, matured over 30 long years for optimal quality and performance. This distinctive wood is cherished for its density, resilience, and exceptional vibration transfer characteristics. The Dorfler No. 17 puts the revered qualities of Pernambuco into your hands, offering outstanding sound projection, balance, and control for a dynamic playing experience.

Uncompromising Detail in Every Component

The Dorfler No. 17 Pernambuco Violin Bow goes beyond craftsmanship; it is a testament to the power of detail. The nickel silver-lined Ebony frog brings a touch of elegance and provides unrivalled stability, while the three-part nickel silver button with an eye enhances the overall balance. A large single eye and nickel silver winding add to the allure, while the bow’s 4/4 size makes it a perfect fit for adult violinists, promising comfortable playability and superior performance.

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